People moving (lifts, escalators)

Started by Barry Drive, October 22, 2014, 12:24:51 PM

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Barry Drive

Westfields Belconnen is replacing its Schlinder escalators near Australia Post - with Chinese FBLT (Brilliant Lifts).

Are these Canberra's first Brilliant Lifts installations?

Barry Drive

For those who are interested in these things (and it might only be me) - the new outdoor lift at Woden is a KONE. Which surprised me since I was expecting maybe Schindler or Thyssen Krupp.

Unless someone can correct me, I think it's ACT's first outdoor lift.

Buzz Killington

The ancient escalator up to the mezzanine level at Woden Plaza (now housing Pillow Talk and Lincraft) has recently been replaced.

While the works were underway, the fire stairs that replaced the old ramp from the mezzanine to the ground floor were available for public use.

Barry Drive

The new escalators at Westfields Wodens are also FBLTs.

Barry Drive

Recently noticed: the office tower connected to the Canberra Centre (once known as CBS Tower) appears to have had its lifts upgraded to "smart lifts".

The only other smart lifts I'm aware of in Canberra are in the building at Marcus Clarke / Alinga.

(What is a smart lift you ask? Here's one article: Basically, you select your destination floor before you travel and the lifts are dispatched to suit the travel patterns.)