Tram Deliveries (CAF Urbos 3)

Started by King of Buses, October 19, 2017, 09:50:16 PM

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King of Buses

The first Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) for Canberra is almost ready to be shipped over from Spain!

Photos from the Canberra Times

Buzz Killington

Not a fan of the interior, but damn that's a nice livery.

Sir Pompously

Ship carrying our first tram is the Hoegh Berlin which is currently on its way down to South Africa at the moment


Hoegh Berlin is currently scheduled to arrive (and depart) Port Kembla on 11th December. Hoegh web sites have some interesting pictures of the loading system developed for light rail vehicle transport. It seems the vehicle will be loaded complete (that is, not in individual sections). The ship itself is also worth a glance.

The transport to Canberra from Port kembla, also as a complete unit?, is the next point of interest. How, when, via?

Barry Drive

The video posted to Facebook suggests it has been separated into two segments.

I don't think it could be transported by road in its full length.

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Go to This describes the development by Hoegh of an adapted 'rolltrailer' system to handle the delivery on of some complete 7 section Bombardier trams. Notably, the trams were apparently transported undivided to the ship from Austria to Bremerhaven, Germany, by road.

That is not to say that the trams from Spain have been handled the same. This would depend on the road transport to port aspect. (I am not on facebook so haven't yet seen the video mentioned.)

Sir Pompously

Could be the roads they were transported on from the factory to the port couldn't handle the full 5 section tram on a trailer; these have been split into two sections on one trailer and 3 sections on the other.

Barry Drive

Sylvan Loves Buses

Bus 400

A road closure notice has gone up for light rail vehicle delivery.

8 pm – 6 am (nightly) on periodic nights as required Sunday to Thursday from Sunday 10 December 2017 to Friday 22 December 2017.Gungahlin (Rural) - Lyneham - Mitchell

FLEMINGTON ROAD BOTH DIRECTIONS: From Sandford Street / Morisset Road to the Federal Highway.

RANDWICK ROAD BOTH DIRECTIONS: Will be closed from approximately 140 metres west of Flemington Road to Flemington Road.

Light rail vehicle delivery associated with the Transport Canberra Light Rail project.

Notification date: 24 Nov 2017

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Barry Drive

Looks like they will be offloaded at the Flemington Road / Randwick Road intersection. An exact time and date would be helpful.

Multiple dates suggests multiple deliveries. Makes me wonder whether Höegh Berlin is carrying more than one LRV.

There is also Höegh Target which is due at Port Kembla two days after Berlin (13 December) which might also be carrying a tram or two. (It has departed Durban and is due at Reunion Island today)

Höegh Berlin's next port is Fremantle, due on 4 December.

Barry Drive

Transport Canberra have confirmed only one is being delivered in December.

The second and third are due in Feb/Mar 2018.

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Perhaps the multiple dates were simply due to uncertainty in the date, or indicate that the LRV is being transported in separate portions and being delivered on different evenings to minimise disruptions (they may not be able to manage multiple offloadings on a single evening).

Barry Drive

Höegh Berlin arrived at Fremantle this morning.

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Quote from: Barry Drive on November 25, 2017, 02:18:13 PM
Looks like they will be offloaded at the Flemington Road / Randwick Road intersection.

It seems unlikely that intersection will be used, as the track is incomplete (notably the bridge/culvert for Sullivans Creek is yet to be built) between there and the Depot. It is more likely that it will be craned off straight on to the tracks at the depot entrance. A Mercedes Unimog specialist multi-purpose maintenance vehicle delivery is imminent and, if available, would probably be used to move the vehicle into the depot. It also follows that if Flemington Rd needs to be used as the unloading site, that the ordinary road access and depot area is too congested for this purpose.

Barry Drive

Quote from: triumph on December 06, 2017, 08:59:42 PM
A Mercedes Unimog specialist multi-purpose maintenance vehicle delivery is imminent and, if available, would probably be used to move the vehicle into the depot.
I wonder if that's also being carried by Höegh Berlin.

Anyway, the ship arrived early and has already docked at Port Kembla. So Trammy McTramface should be headed to Canberra very soon.


Canberra Times article on the first LRV delivery
QuoteFirst tram gets police escort into Canberra under the cover of darkness
December 13 2017 - 11:54AM

Megan Doherty

While most of Canberra was sleeping, the first tram carriage for the multi-million-dollar light rail network was being escorted by police into the national capital.
It's another tangible sign of progress on the light rail network, with work on the 12km City to Gungahlin corridor continuing apace.
The tram was being towed into Exhibition Park in Canberra at Mitchell about 2am on Wednesday. The ACT Government is expected to unofficially unveil it soon.
Fourteen "light rail vehicles" aka trams are slated to run on the 13-stop corridor.
The capacity of each vehicle  is 207 passengers - 66 seats and 141 people standing. Four bikes will be allowed per carriage.
The vehicles have been exported from Spain for use in Canberra.
Chief Minster Andrew Barr visited the Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles factory in Zaragoza to inspect the first LRV before shipment.
A video of the trams leaving Spain for a seven-week journey to Australia has been posted on YouTube.
The maximum speed of the vehicles is 70km/h.The light rail vehicles will feature artwork by Aboriginal elder Uncle Jimmy Williams on their seat fabric.Emerging artist Hannah Quinlivan will have her work featured on the glazed screens at each platform.More images of the trams destined for Canberra are here.


In addition, a video has just been uploaded to the TC facebook of the delivery.

Most notable is the fact that the whole tram was transported by road as one piece


From the Canberra Times. What a great start  :-\

QuoteCanberra's first light rail tram has already been vandalised

December 14 2017 - 6:46PMSherryn Groch[size=78%]Just a day after it was brought into the capital under cover of darkness, Canberra's first tram has been vandalised.[/size]

The shiny new tram carriage was shipped over from Spain last month and then given a police escort into the capital in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
But, on Thursday, authorities confirmed the tram had been "targeted by graffiti vandals" that same night.
The ACT government was expected to unofficially unveil the tram in the coming weeks, the first of 14 slated to run on the 12km city to Gungahlin corridor.
The government is spending $65 million on the fleet, with each tram 33 metres long and able to carry 207 people.
The graffiti was to be removed from the tram on Thursday afternoon.
Canberra Metro chief executive Glenn Stockton called the vandalism disappointing.
"Of greater concern is that members of the community have accessed a live construction site, which puts them and others at risk," he said.
Transport Canberra and City Services said Canberra Metro had security controls in place to restrict public access to its construction sites, but would not give further detail about such measures.

Sylvan Loves Buses

this is how we say 'Welcome to Canberra' is it now... gawd people are pathetic


Wonder if vandals felt empowered by anti-tram rhetoric from Libs at last election and/or from Can The Tram. Or just vandals being vandals? It is an insult to the early European Vandal tribes to call these nitwits 'vandals'.

Barry Drive

Next possible delivery vessels:

Höegh Trapper - departed Santander 7 Jan, arrives Port Kembla 16 Feb (currently off the coast of Western Sahara)
Höegh America - departs Santander 20 Jan, arrives Port Kembla 1 Mar
Höegh Target - departs Santander 26 Feb, arrives Port Kembla 8 Apr

That's assuming they'll be shipped by Höegh and that they'll be off loaded at Port Kembla.

No new road closure notification at this stage.


Just out from the Canberra Times

Quote from: Canberra Times "Canberra light rail: One tram a week to start arriving from end of March"
Katie Burgess

Canberra's first tram will soon be joined by the rest of the fleet as the consortium behind stage one of light rail claims it is on track to finish the project by the end of the year.
Canberra Metro chief executive Glenn Stockton said one tram a week will start arriving in Canberra from the end of March, with testing on an electrified track to begin in April.
In all, 14 trams will ferry up to 207 people each up and down the 12-kilometre track from Civic to Gungahlin.
The first tram arrived more than a month ago but no one from Canberra Metro will be allowed inside it until the Spanish company that built comes to Australia in a few weeks to commission it.
Mr Stockton said that delay would not impact the deadline for light rail coming online.
"We're all focused on a late 2018 delivery point," Mr Stockton said.
"In the coming months you'll start to see us continuing to refine and develop that corridor through the addition of extra track slab, particularly as we move our way from the intersection of Flemington Road and the Federal Highway down to the city centre.
"[You'll see] the installation of rail, the overhead power poles, and the wires that go with them and into energisation and testing of vehicles live out on that track  and that testing of the vehicle will occur from early April this year.
"Our intention is to dynamically test the vehicles on the northern section while we pretty much have that complete and allow us to complete the construction of the southern end of the corridor itself and then progressively test that corridor through until service completion in late 2018.
"Those sort of milestones will become apparent to Canberrans as you make your way around the city."
Chief Minister Andrew Barr, who revealed he'd nicknamed the tram Cam in what could be seen as a nod to the Can-The-Tram movement, said there was a degree of satisfaction in seeing the project reach this stage.
"Let's be frank, there were many sceptics in the lead up to the procurement of this project. Many people said I wouldn't be standing here as Chief Minister after the last election as a result of our advocacy for this project.
"Those sceptics also said there wouldn't be this sort of investment and renewal of the Northbourne corridor we're currently witnessing so there's a strong sense of satisfaction but we've still got a way to go, we've got a second stage of this project to work through in the on text of this parliamentary term and there's a lot more new investment coming for Canberra and a continued focus on public transport improvement."
Mr Barr said the business case for the second stage of the project would be looked at when cabinet reconvened later in January.
"Let me be very clear we are committed to further stages of Canberra's light rail network. We've committed in the last election to stage two and my mind is of course turning to stage three and beyond," Mr Barr said.
Light rail specifications:

  • Each tram is 33 metres long, with 66 seats and capacity of 207 passengers
  • The tram will reach maximum speeds of 70km/h on the Gungahlin corridor
  • The carriages are disability compliant with double doors, no steps throughout and have dedicated areas for wheelchairs
  • Indigenous artist Uncle Jimmy Williams was involved in the design of the seat fabric
  • Each tram has two heating and air conditioning units
  • Spanish manufacturer CAF has built more than 450 of this model of tram over the past 10 years
We're at the Mitchell depot for the unveiling of Canberra's first light rail carriage.

Posted by The Canberra Times on Tuesday, January 16, 2018
This story was found at:

Barry Drive

Höegh averages one ship every 3 weeks between Santander and Port Kembla.

Unless they mean an average of one per week, the only way to do that is to hold the delivered trams at Port Kembla.

Again - that's assuming all shipping will be done by Höegh, and all deliveries will be to Port Kembla.

Barry Drive

Some updated schedules from Höegh Autoliners.

Höegh America docks at Port Kembla today (currently off the coast of Nowra).

The next 7 sailings which may contain trams are:

  • Cattleya Ace - departed Santander 18 February, arrives Port Kembla 31 March (currently in Durban)
  • Viking Bravery - departed Santander 20 February, arrives Port Kembla 4 April
  • Höegh Jeddah - departed Santander 4 March, arrives Port Kembla 16 April
  • Höegh Target - departs Santander 16 March, arrives Port Kembla 26 April
  • Perseus Liberty - departs Santander 29 March, arrives Port Kembla 6 May
  • Höegh Trigger - departs Santander 11 April, arrives Port Kembla 21 May
  • Höegh Trapper - departs Santander 25 April, arrives Port Kembla 6 June

(So perhaps "end of March" is correct and the next deliveries are aboard Cattleya Ace. )

Barry Drive

ICYMI, Tram #2 was delivered to Mitchell last week (possibly early morning Friday 6 April).

Updated ETA for the two vessels which may be carrying the next deliveries - Höegh Jeddah is now due on 27 April and Höegh Target is due on 29 April.

After those two, the next seven vessels which may be loaded with Canberra Trams™ are:

  • Perseus Liberty - departed Santander 1 April, arrives Port Kembla 9 May
  • Höegh Trigger - departs Santander 16 April, arrives Port Kembla 27 May
  • Höegh Traveller - departs Santander 27 April, arrives Port Kembla 8 June
  • Höegh Africa - departs Santander 4 May, arrives Port Kembla 22 June
  • Höegh Tracer - departs Santander 19 May, arrives Port Kembla 29 June
  • Höegh Copenhagen - departs Santander 1 June, arrives Port Kembla 12 July
  • Höegh Asia - departs Santander 3 June, arrives Port Kembla 22 July

Barry Drive

#3 4 & 5 have been delivered - all assumed to have been on the same ship.

Trams 6 & 7 are en route, but no details known about which ship they are aboard. 8 & 9 are still being built in Spain.



Lightrail vehicle 6 has been delivered.

Barry Drive

More shipping updates.

  • Höegh Trigger is arriving at Port Kembla today
  • Höegh Traveller is now due on 12 June (via Madagascar)
  • Höegh Africa is due 22 June (via Panama Canal)
  • Höegh Copenhagen is due on 8 July
  • Höegh Tracer is due on 12 July (via Mauritius)

Barry Drive

With Tram #8 recently delivered (possibly from Höegh Copenhagen), here are the next few vessels:

  • Cattleya Ace is due 24 July (via Panama Canal)
  • Höegh London is due 9 August (via Panama Canal)
  • Thruxton is due 15 August
  • Höegh Jeddah is due 3 September (via Panama Canal)
  • Höegh Trapper is due 12 September
  • Höegh Shanghai is due 28 September

Höegh Tracer isn't coming to Port Kembla; it's now on its way to Kobe.

Update: Cattleya Ace and Höegh London added to list - although both were via USA/Panama Canal.

Barry Drive

Höegh Jeddah will arrive at Port Kembla this afternoon. According to reports, it is carrying the final 3 trams.


Quote from: Barry Drive on September 07, 2018, 01:59:23 PM
Höegh Jeddah will arrive at Port Kembla this afternoon. According to reports, it is carrying the final 3 trams.
Alongside the first CAF Urbos for Newcastle


Quote from: Busfanatic101 on September 07, 2018, 11:31:12 PM
Alongside the first CAF Urbos for Newcastle

If you have a look at the video in that article you can see them loading the Newcastle tram next to a Canberra one. Must admit the front of the Canberra ones looks much nicer than the all over red of NSW.

And getting off topic a bit what surprises me though is why for Newcastle they didn't order some more Alstom trams to allow the CAF vehicles on the IWLR to be sent to Newcastle. The way it is now the two Sydney systems will need to be operated seperatly with no option to run from IWLR to Circular Quay or towards Kensignton.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Personally I dislike the red on all of them, there could at least be some other colour to make them less boring, but i guess blue buses and red trams are what we have to put up with now...


There are other colours. Grey, white and of course the black of the windows. I think the addition of these is what makes the front nicer than the NSW units.

I also personally prefer the colour and balance on the trams compared to the similar livery albeit blue on the buses. Though think it is because the smaller sections and the articulation break it up. The buses are just too much at once.


According to Canberra Metro facebook LRV 014, which is the last delivery will be arriving in Canberra tomorrow (Tuesday) night.