Started by Stan butler, April 28, 2018, 11:11:31 PM

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Stan butler

Has anyone seen the woodchips that have been used to beautify the edges of the light rail tracks on Flemington road? 

What's the bet that all these woodchips will end up on Flemington after the next rainfall.  They will just wash down straight onto the road.


Pretty odds on certainty yes? It's not a problem though, they'll just slug the ratepayers for another load.

Bus 400

We only have to think back 8 years & the opening of Belconnen Community Bus Station. It started with woodchips everywhere, but once the "Look At The Upgrades To Public Transport The Labour Government Has Delivered" was over, that was replaced.

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Barry Drive

I'm sure The Canberra Times will be reporting this soon, but several newly planted trees along Northbourne appear to be dead, and a few others are actually dead.