Four CD Element 2s (748-751)

Started by Barry Drive, June 16, 2023, 10:03:14 AM

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Barry Drive

Custom Denning have confirmed that they will be supplying four "Element 2" buses for Belconnen Depot.

First bus to be delivered by late September, with all in service by November.

No information yet on whether these are leased, or how long the lease period will be.

Barry Drive

Quote from: 743 on September 08, 2023, 06:40:01 PMOf note - Belconnen's 4 electrics now due December this year.
We may not have any news about the buses, but there has recently been a contract (awarded to Simeco Electrical) to install the infrastructure at Belconnen Depot to support the two bus chargers.

Contract end date is 14 December 2023.

Barry Drive

The first Element 2 arrived yesterday. As noted in the title, its fleet number is 748.

Will probably spend the next month solely performing training and familiarisation until the second bus arrives.

Peter Bakos


There is a 'whisper' that there was an incident affecting 748 during delivery to Canberra, which later resulted in a brief return of 748 for repair/rectification. Confirmation?