Designing A Network

Started by Bus 400, June 06, 2009, 03:36:15 PM

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Bus 400

I am not quite sure how ACTION design routes/networks, but my way would be to:

1. Ask what the public NEED. So if I can fill a bus load of people from Kambah to City, then I would introduce a 762 Xpresso. But I half of that bus load work in Dickson, then I would extend that 762 to Dickson Shops.

2. Ask what the public WANT. So if I have half a standard bus load of the public would like a bus from Aranda to Kippax, then I would work a route from Aranda through Belconnen to Kippax.

3. See what the drivers NEED/WANT. This would be the main part of the network, so if drivers aren't comfortable about exiting Bonython onto Drakeford Drive in peak periods, then routes would be altered to accommodate the drivers. So this could even result in some routes or alterations being scrapped.