Woden Valley Xpressos

Started by lukeo25, June 19, 2009, 05:36:09 PM

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my idea would be to keep the current 720 but there would be a new route numbered 721

Route 721 Xpresso Civic - Torrens Shops
A- City Interchange Platform 10
B- Curtin Shops
C- Lyons Shops
D- Chifley Shops
E- Pearce Shops
F- Torrens Shops

intertown route
732 route through curtin
left- melrose dr
right- launcaston st
left- hindmarsh dr
right- eggleston cr
right- macfarland cr
left- Hodgson Cr
right- beasley st
terminate torrens shops

Irisbus Rider

Definately a good idea, then that would 'bridge the gap', hence servicing all of Woden Valley with Xpressos.


it is a good idea, after catching the 720 for 6 months last year i noticed it is well patronised xpresso route and thats how the idea came about