Gungahlin Interchange

Started by King of Buses, May 01, 2018, 06:04:04 PM

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King of Buses

Finally had enough time today to go and have a proper look at the chaotic mess that is Gungahlin Interchange. While the platforms themselves (once completed in full) are fine, the surrounding traffic network is dreadful.

Ernest Cavanagh St is too narrow to swing a STAG onto (from Platform 4) without taking out incoming traffic if there is any (and the tail swing gets the temporary fence, too), every corner you go around has a pedestrian crossing which causing blocked intersections almost constantly, and nobody seems to realise the give way arrangements at the Efkarpidis St/Gungahlin Pl intersection have changed.

But anyway, here are some photos of buses in/around Gungahlin Interchange.

400 loads for a 200 to COC.

639 arrives at Plt 4 to commence a route 52 to Belconnen.

953 arrives at Plt 4 to commence a route 55 to Bonner.

322 travels along Gungahlin Place on its way to start a 54 to Belconnen.

386 departs on a 52 to Belconnen.

411 prepares to turn around and go back to Plt 3 to start a 56.

484 mere milliseconds before attacking a fence.

508 departs after terminating a 200.

541, 909 and 107 making their way to Gungahlin Interchange from The Valley Ave.

939 departs on a 51 to Belconnen.

As always, more photos of mine can be found here:  :D

(And yes, I am aware that TC are calling this facility "Gungahlin Place" - I'm calling it Gungahlin Interchange as that IS what it is/will be - a place for passengers to interchange between buses and light rail!)