Anyone know the fleet number for this Volvo B58?

Started by Peter Bakos, August 23, 2017, 10:13:31 AM

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Peter Bakos

I was browsing a website called IMCDB (Internet Movie Cars Database) and when I was looking at cars from the 1989-2001 TV series Round the Twist I found this Volvo B58 which you can see is clearly an ex-ACTION bus: Does anyone happen to know what the fleet number of this bus was when it worked with ACTION?

Barry Drive

I'm surprised that we had that information, but we do.

It was BUS 343

Following the above thread (IMCDB) there is also a link ( to an image of a Volvo B58 with ACTF&R after its retirement from ACTION. For that one, there isn't any info in the Wiki

Peter Bakos

Thank you, it's amazing that there are people (especially you guys) that can identify such vehicles even when there's not a lot of visual clues.

For the record, it appears that plate DYP979 doesn't show up on VicRoad's registration check, there's no record of it.