Bus Services-18 January 2003

Started by Bus 400, March 15, 2009, 12:31:18 AM

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Bus 400

**I have placed the warning in the subject line as there may be some board members who may be affected by this topic & are asked to not read any further if this is the case**
This is a question that I have been wondering for quite a while.

With the firestorm coming into Canberra what were drivers told to do?

As I know if I was on a bus service in Weston Creek or Kambah I would of got out of there quick smart & picked up anyone who was stuck. I do know that as soon as the fire struck Canberra most if not all bus services were cancelled with drivers returning home (if they could). Also how long until services returned to Kambah & Weston Creek?

Buzz Killington

I do remember reading an article on this.. not sure if its one we have or if it was online, but I'll have a look and see what I can find.

IIRC, drivers took their buses to some of the affected areas to help get people out, many others rang into work to see if they were needed for such a duty.

We lived in Kambah at this point, and I honestly don't remember when the services resumed. Busnerd may recall.


All I remember is the 60 was still going past our place when the sky was orange, safe to say no one was on it!

If you buy the Australian Bus magazine on CD, issues 1 - 6 they have a two page report from people working at tuggeranong depot and what they did at the time etc.

Buzz Killington


found this on the sydney bus museum website, i might look into getting it