Woden Interchange circa 1972

Started by Barry Drive, April 02, 2009, 01:55:37 PM

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Barry Drive

Have a look at this new photo from the RATEC album of a very early Woden Interchange.

The bus at platform 'M' (which is now 16) is doing a route 16 to City. For those of you who don't know, this was the intertown route back then.


Bus 400

Sadly it looks better designed these days, but looked better presented back then.
When was it changed to its present state? I guess that parts of the roof were demolished & was extended out to the north.

Barry Drive

Although not taken from exactly the same spot, here is a comparison photo of Woden Interchange taken today.

Woden Inter by ACT Bus spotter, on Flickr

Bus 400

Does the first picture have the old cement staircase? Or was that post 1972? For those that are unaware the cement staircase was where the roof angles down.

Buzz Killington

I wonder why that woman in the 1972 pic doesn't have a stroller. Surely that's going to be inconvenient lugging that kid around all day

Irisbus Rider