Started by zeddy, April 21, 2009, 10:51:54 PM

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Does anyone remember the Downtowner trams that used to do the city loop? More specifically why the service was stopped [guessing because it was too costly]. I recall the really slippery lacquered bench seats, made corners so much fun  :P Wonder if a free city loop service, like other cities have is on the cards now that the population is growing and parking is at a premium?


this might tell you why it was stopped and there are some pictures if you want to have a look.

Bus 400

If ACT Light Rail want light rail in the ACT, maybe a new downtowner is needed (with a newer tram type)? It would get Greens support & maybe could include the Parliamentary Triangle?

Irisbus Rider

A free City bus loop would be vital to the CBDs growth and sustainability, and would stop everyone trying to drive right into the centre of town, clogging up the streets.
There are many parts of the CBD which at this stage are neglected by decent bus services, which is ridiculous in this day and age.
Something ought to be done, considering we had a City loop service, but then canned it, while Sydney, and Wollongong have just brought online their free city loop bus. Funny how the ACT is always backwards in almost everything it does......

seat cover

If I remember correctly, they were withdrawn for lack of patronage. There was also a problem that if a bus got a flat tyre they had to get a tow truck in the lift the bus so it could be changed a flat tyre the body hit the ground


Well it's hardly a good thing when any bus on any route gets a flat tyre.


i think light railers want them to the town centres not a tourist tram.