Slide and Ride, Magnetic Tickets brochure

Started by Sir Pompously, July 08, 2009, 03:43:06 PM

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Sir Pompously

With the Smartcard ticketing tender awarded, and a timeframe set for it's inception, I thought it fitting to display to you a brochure I have to do with Magnetic Tickets, when they were first introduced into the ACT. I had, once upon a time, Magnetic Ticket hang-ups that were over my bed, and various stickers used in Ticket Resellers around the ACT for many years. I also had a test ticket, however these items have unfortunently been misplaced.


Buzz Killington

lol, "slide n ride"

thanks for the scans Todd. I may put them onto the website too.

Bus 400

When you talk about a test ticket, are you talking about the tickets that are put in the validators when the validators muck up or something else?

But now I get what the pictures on the validators mean. I'm talking about the sticker saying to put the tickets with the double sided arrow side facing up. But the tickets are all like that now a days. I also just tell people black on back

Sir Pompously

No, a Test Ticket is what they used to Test the machines before they were introduced into the main system. I had one or two Test Tickets from the testing that I had in my vast collection of various tickets for a while, but most of them have been misplaced!