Discovered: Old ACTION Publications

Started by Bus 400, August 15, 2009, 06:41:36 PM

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Bus 400

I got a shock today, I found a whole bunch of ACTION stuff among my Uncles (now deceased) train stuff. I was about to chuck it all in the Tuggers Recycling Place today until I noticed Network 88 Bus Book. They included:

-Network 88 Bus Book
-1978 Bus Map (x2)
-Bus Map (unknown year but has when 312 was replaced with Route 311 change stamped on it)
-City to Railway Bus Services Brochure
-Area Buses (1980)
-333 Timetable (no date but mentions about new Belconnen Interchange Opening Second Half 1978)

Would anyone be able to date a few of those things?

Sir Pompously

I am going to hazard a guess and say that the Bus Book '88 is 1988, the 1978 Bus Map is 1978, and the Area Buses 1980 brochure is 1980. Hope that helps you out.....

Bus 400

Yeah it does, but mostly after the other.

Barry Drive

The 1978 bus map (blue cover) although published in June 1978 (the date is on the back), was effective from January 1979 when Belconnen Interchange opened. I also have two of them.

Likewise the 333 timetable would have been produced in anticipation of Belconnen Interchange so it would also date from 1978, but be effective from 1979. Is it on blue paper? Does it have '1/333' on the back (under INFORMATION)? And does it look like this:

If so, then this is the first 333 timetable - I also have one of these. Full PDF version of this timetable can be seen here.

I would like to see this unknown year bus map before I could be certain but it may date prior to 1978. Is it like the 1978 map but with a white cover and called 'Canberra Bus Service' rather than ACTION? If so, this is a 1976 map.

Irisbus Rider


I'm thinking of a three letter word to describe my thoughts now :WOW:

Thanks for sharing that timetable with us, I recall you posted it a fair while back, but I kept losing the web addresses for it.

And TP3000, feel free to also upload what you've found.

Bus 400

Yeah Martin that is the same timetable. Below is a scan of the pamphlets

Area Service

Railway Station Services

Network Maps-I finally found the date of the undone Network Map, it was August 1977

Third Edition June 1978

Second Edition August 1977

The main change is that in the 1977 map it shows Higgins Interchange. While in the 1978 map it shows Belconnen Interchange. The services that terminated at UC were scrapped in 1978.

Here is another interesting find

Barry Drive

I second that :WOW:

The second edition 1977 map is an amazing find - I've never seen one before. What colour is the front cover? I'm not sure that one exists at the Belconnen depot memorabilia display nor at the ACT Heritage Library. I suspect RATEC would be happy to take it off your hands if you do not want to keep it.

It would be great to get the full map scanned. I'm happy for my 3rd and 4th editions to also be scanned. Does anyone have access to a large flatbed scanner? Or would it be possible to photograph it?

Sir Pompously

For a large flatbed scanner, I would call up the ACT Public Library service and enquire if they have one. If not, a copy shop or failing that you can always call up the Archives and enquire to if they have one for your services!

I Just love the 'This is the ACTION Symbol'. It is such a unique symbol. I also love how they describe supervisors as the Men in Green. Hasn't really changed! 

Buzz Killington

Many thanks for posting those scans, TP3000! Quite a find indeed!

For a while I have been considering creating a 'History' section within the Gallery (or even a separate 'History' version of the Gallery) for these sorts of items to be collected in. TP, if you don't mind, I'd like to upload these images into that section.

Bus 400

Yeah that's all right, I'll scan the fronts later

Barry Drive

In fact Belconnen Depot does have a copy of this map, I just wasn't aware that it was different from the 1978 map.


You've got some gems there TP3000. Thanks for sharing them.

I'm told by a former long time ACTION employee that the ACTION network logo started appearing on Canberra Omnibus Service buses sometime before the ACTION acronym was adopted (and later added to the sides of buses).

Barry Drive

This is true. The 1976 bus map (first edition) had the wheel logo but it pre-dated the ACTION name which was introduced in 1977.


It seems the thinking was that they didn't want to launch the ACTION name until they had a reasonable number of new buses added to the fleet. Being the mid 70s, there were supply problems in getting hold of a sufficient quantity of new buses. My vague recollection is that it was the Leyland Nationals which were delivered in large quantities around the time the ACTION name was launched.

The Department also tested two alternative color schemes on a few buses to gauge public reaction and preferences - one based on the orange we know so well today and the other, a predominantly yellow color.

The ACTION acronym was a creation of some consultants engaged by the Dept of the Capital Territory to help launch a new marketing image for public transport in the ACT.