Dickson Information Office

Started by Bus 400, October 23, 2009, 07:53:48 PM

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Bus 400

I think I may of found a forgotten part of Canberra bus services. In the alley way next to the fruit shop at Dickson, there is a door with the ACTION logo on it & a window with a similar set up to the Lathlain Street Bus Station Information Office. There also looks like there may of been toilets/lunch room attached to this building.
Does anyone else have any more info on this info office?

Buzz Killington

Isn't that the driver facilities?

Bus 400

As far as I know the drivers toilets are next to the public toilets. In this building windows are smashed & graffitti everywhere. It is the sort of place only deadbeat drunks/druggos hang out at night (all of that is on the outside of the building)

Bus 400

To clear this topic up, a few months back I sent an email to ACTION. Their reply was that this was the old Dickson Meal Room.