Matilda's day out

Started by Buzz Killington, January 25, 2010, 08:04:13 PM

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Buzz Killington

C59351, more commonly known as 'Matilda' had a day out over the weekend. There was quite a good article in the Canberra Times about it today, with a focus on Ed from RATEC.

Will hopefully post a scan later on, unless anyone can beat me to it.

Barry Drive

These scans were posted on ATDB by "Bus400" (whoever that is)

Buzz Killington

Thanks for that Martin.

Good to see Matilda getting out and about still, and even better that those who once worked on her still get the chance to go for a ride.


I read that article, its nice to know that the old girls are still getting a chance to be out and about, instead of being couped up in storage at belconen depot all day just allowing them to rust.