1983 ACTION Bus Fleets book

Started by Bidgee, July 28, 2010, 12:07:56 AM

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Purchased a 1983 ACTION Bus Fleets book published by Railmac on eBay for 0.99 GBP (about $1.70), has some interesting photos of ZIB-512, ZIB-378, ZIB-208, ZIB-296, ZIB-269, ZIB-261, ZIB-510 and even the AEC Regal (which was undergoing restoration at the time).

Anyone also have a copy?

Buzz Killington

I have a copy, and I think maybe Sir Pompously does too.

They were rarer a few years ago but now I think there's someone on eBay who has multiple copies for sale. Definitely worth a purchase.


Yes totally agree! Really shows what ACTION was like pre Renault with the useful information.

Yes, I see what you mean about the other copies on eBay. I only paid $5.34 (AUD) in total so cheaper then the others.

King of Buses

Currently on Ebay,
I've noticed a ACTION 1983 Bus Fleets book (It is easily found by searching ACTION Buses on Ebay)
It shows the Buses of 1983 and has pictures of Buses which aren't in the gallery.
It is $8 and is compiled by L.J Pascoe!
I've gotten one and it's only 16 pages long but is interesting.
However, there is only Seven copies left. So if you want one, get in fast!If you get it, hope you enjoy it! ;D