Waiting for the next 354

Started by smitho, September 27, 2010, 08:50:34 AM

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Had a very senior, bent old gentleman board my southbound 900 at the Floriade stop on Saturday asking whether the Route 354 bus stops there; left me scratching my head and I said I wasn't familiar with such a route. He responded 'it's the weekend version of the Route 6'.

Assured him that all ACTION services over the Bridge stop there on request, which satisfied him.

Checked the 1979 ACTION route map and sure enough, there was a weekend 354 route in those days, taking a similar route to modern Route 6.

Buzz Killington


yeah my grandma can remember her old run, it was the 472 loop or something through hawker. Once she wanted a map of it so I printed it off for her.
Good on him for knowing.