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Started by Kramden, June 24, 2011, 04:02:08 PM

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Being new to this forum I may have misunderstood one of the opening questions re: What's your fave livery?  I took it to mean all-time favourite, not just in Canberra.

In any case, it got me thinking beyond liveries to the broader question:  What's your fave bus line outside of this region?

I'll open the batting with a childhood favourite from Sydney that has fortunately stood the test of time, that is: Punchbowl Bus Company.  Also, whenever I've been in Perth I liked the look of their green/white OR green/silver fleet most likely because they run Renaults with similar bodies to those of ACTION.

Interested in your thoughts. Apologies in advance if I've posted this under the wrong heading.


My personal favorite livery going around currently would have to be the BT (Brisbane Transport) livery. It is a nice balance of colours and doesn't overload the eye with one colour like the ACTION green.

In the wraps glory days 990 was certainly my favorite, however it has faded pretty badly and looks like poo. Before that I liked the AGL livery worn by 990 and 991 when they were still gas.


I reckon this one's pretty rad:


My favorite liveries are the Transborder green , silver & white . Plus the lever livery when tbx took them over of gold green and silver.


The Potter Travel purple people eater livery is hard to beat.