Did you know the (blank) used to stop (blank) there?

Started by Sir Pompously, March 18, 2008, 09:36:47 PM

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Sir Pompously

Inspired by Johns phrase 'did you know the intertown used to stop down there?' comes this game 'did you know the (blank) used to (blank) there?'。So as apart of this game shall we say, you must inform us of the chosen location filling in the first blank as the route and the second as the location (the location being 'up down, left, right, around etc) but not revealing a '123 fake street' address。The address or location will be pplaced underneath the comment。

I will start off:

Did you know the 63 used to stop up there?

The location being Sternberg cres Wanniassa, at the top of the crest just before the school。

Look out for other fun games such as 'wow!' and 'Im going to miss my (blank)!'。

Of course this is all in good hunour and not intended as an insult!

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