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Started by Bus 400, May 24, 2008, 01:23:21 AM

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Bus 400

I am just wondering wether anyone knows of the different slogans that ACTION has used, the 2 I know of are:

-Discover The Pluses Of Buses (1998)
-Going Your Way (2008).

But what are the others?

Buzz Killington

Take It Easy. Take ACTION is the first one that springs to mind

I cant think of any others - its 2.30am and honestly the one thing that is front of mind is that we really need to teach you kids some grammar.

PLEASE remember where an apostrophe should be used. THEY IMPLY OWNERSHP. Do not get your apostrophes mixed up with your plurals.


"Cats" - is a PLURAL. Example: "I have several cats"
"Cat's" - implies OWNERSHIP. Example "This is my cat's dinner"


There was "Moving People" after Discover the Pluses of Buses, and before Take it Easy Take ACTION.

Sir Pompously

Well moving people seemed to pop up while Take it Easy Take ACTION slogan was around.

Barry Drive

From Bus Book 2: ACTION - for people going places