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Started by Buzz Killington, December 16, 2007, 04:24:43 PM

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Buzz Killington

I just came across some old info which I'll be putting onto the website today.


This section lists the buses in the ACTION fleet at 8 July 1994. It includes depot allocations and buses in AOA. Find it under the "Fleet" submenu of History.

Not a full network, just the changes made, including fares and services. There's also a brief part about light rail. Find it under the Networks submenu.

They should be up by 5.00 today bang any unforseen circumstances. Feel free to discuss them here!

Buzz Killington

They're now online.

Interesting points:

Looking at the depot allocation it looks like most buses have not moved since 1994! obviously the Woden buses were split betweem N amd T but many buses are still in the same depot ten years on. We've only seen some more major shifting in the lst few years as the Irises and Scanias have come along.

And just look at the number of AOA's we had back then.. *sigh* those were the days..

Buzz Killington

"From the past", a new article by Ian Cooper, has now been added to ACT BUS History. You'll find it at the top of the History menu.

Buzz Killington

Network 98 has now been upgraded to include full service directions

Buzz Killington

School Buses 98 has been added to ACT BUS History. Find it under "Old Networks"

This section lists all school services (Excluding Government Colleges and Independent Schools) as at Term 1, 1998. This is prior to the introduction of Network 98.

Also new is "Network 98 Proposal". Found in the "Old Networks" secton, it is a letter to Canberra Residents posted on ACTION's website in March 1998

Feedback welcome and always appreciated.

Buzz Killington

Network 99 added to History.

Feedback welcome

Buzz Killington

Network 2000 added
SSTS, Raiders, Timeline updated.

Buzz Killington

The latest installment of "From the Past" (March), by Ian Cooper, has now been added to History.

"From the Past" now has its own submenu under the History menu.

Barry Drive

Happy Birthday to 701, 705, 706 and 707. 20 years old this month and still going strong!

Buzz Killington

From The Past (July) by Ian Cooper has been added to History.