Another two old AOA's..

Started by Buzz Killington, December 16, 2007, 04:27:56 PM

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Buzz Killington

I've come across another two old AOA's

Bus 994 - Australian Lifesaving Association (was in this AOA in 94, not sure low long it lasted but was obviously replaced by Parliament). No photo.

The second is Bus 684 taken at Tugg Inter 1995.On the right hand side between the wheels in letters going from the bottom of the window to the bottom of the bus it reads "ONE BUS" with "EXPRESS" written under the driver window. There's also something written on the other end, but the photo is grainy. It possibly says "Park and Rie to CBD" but im not sure. According to the caption it was for "One Bus, the express services running direct from outer suburbs to City"

Perhaps some of our older members can shed a little more light on these two?

The Love Guru

The 'one bus' advertising refers to when the original limited stop, 700 series runs were introduced. The current expresso routes are virtually the same thing, though back then you had to pay 2 fares to ride the 700 series, and there were no concessions.

Buzz Killington

thanks for the clarification Chris and welcome to the board!

Good luck with ACTION too btw :)

Buzz Killington

Mat's uncovered another old AOA - BUS-979 was in "VIP Home Services" AOA.

We may be able to share the photo however it doesnt belong to us, so if we can't get permission to share it we'll put a description into the AOA page


Well boys (and CT)

I was attending 'BBQ at Spuds' last night, and was going through some old photos with Ben O and found a few (potato) gems.

I have taken them out and asked 'spud' if he could scan them at some stage for me.

But it is a photo of :

760 - West Belconnen Leagues Club AOA
99? - CIT Aoa - which looks fantastic in silver
A photo of the downtowner in the shed at Woden Depot
982 Naked, in the brown, preparing to be painted by that looks as it does today minus the reflective blue tape.

There were many more gems, old MAN and Merc pics, old renaults with ads like flora, xerox, mt franklin, telstra mobilenet..aah the memories all came back.

Sir Pompously

BUS-997 was the CIT 100.3 Mathew. Looked great in the AOA, too bad it had to be repinted.

Buzz Killington

awesome! west belconnen! i got that a few times in year eight.. never been able to find a picture of it!

scans of as many of the old pics as possible would be great.. even if you can borrow them when you come down next week, i can scan 'em while you're here


he has a scanner but i dont have him on msn, so I might PM him to ask if he can do it for me