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Infrastructure / Re: Woden Depot Discussion
Last post by Barry Drive - May 06, 2022, 10:29:28 AM
Quote from: Barry Drive on January 27, 2022, 09:12:33 AMI haven't seen an actual contract for the construction.
It is now May. Still no contract and no sign of work commencing at Woden Depot.

Guess you can't rush these things.
The Playground / Re: What PT did you get today?...
Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses - May 05, 2022, 12:30:04 AM
After recovering from being sick again for a week I decided to attend the premire of the Doctor Strange movie at Limelight this evening. I've known since the start of the 'School Interim Bus Timetable' that the final R4N of the weeknights was supposedly a Renault, but each time I think I've seen it, it hasn't been one.

Tonight it was one ;D - what a way to lift my spirits.
The Playground / Re: What PT did you get today?...
Last post by triumph - May 04, 2022, 09:24:27 PM
Back to normal - in Canberra.

599 (R3)
630 (57)
355 (57)
649 (R5)
006, 010, 014, 004 (R1)
421 (R8)
583 (R1)
486 (R3)
Photo of the Month / Re: May 2022
Last post by Barry Drive - April 27, 2022, 11:07:09 AM
Six photos submitted and 4 days before the end of the month.

So all requirements are met: voting is now open.
Photo of the Month / Re: May 2022
Last post by Snorzac - April 26, 2022, 10:20:46 PM

Untitled by Zac Mathes, on Flickr
BUS 458 "Oskar" laying over at Fyshwick Park and Ride prior to operating a route 56 at dawn.

Untitled by Zac Mathes, on Flickr
BUS487 "Rubeus" at Westfield Bus Station awaiting passengers for a charter service to the ANZAC Day Dawn Service
Photo of the Month / Re: May 2022
Last post by King of Buses - April 26, 2022, 04:05:28 PM

BUS971 on Kambah Pool Road while operating S/R 2035.
Photo of the Month / Re: May 2022
Last post by narc855 - April 25, 2022, 09:28:46 PM

Bus 508 seen at Canberra Centre for Anzac March Shuttle 25/04/22

m/o 7286 seen at Manuka Oval on Manuka Oval event shuttle Bus services 15/02/2022

8627 MO seen leaving QCity Depot for a 831 service to Woden 04/02/2022
The Playground / Re: What PT did you get today?...
Last post by triumph - April 22, 2022, 10:27:23 PM
Still more Sydney
Another Art Gallery outing, this time parking again at Tallawong.
Metro set 13, car3 Tallawong to Chatswood
'Waratah' class A set 58, car N5358 Chatswood to Town Hall
Rte 441 bus 1941 QVB to Art Gallery. This bus is also less common, a Mercedes O500 LE CNG, powered by natural gas.
Rte 441 bus 8400, a BYD electric (saw quite a few so there must be a small fleet), Art Gallery to QVB
Alstom LRV 41, no 2 end leading, Module NP. LRV 42 in trail. QVB to Circular Quay
'Emerald' cl ferry Pemulwuy Circular Quay to Watsons Bay return calling at Rose Bay both ways.
(Noted 2nd gen 'Emerald' types Clontarf and Balmoral, with Freshwater close behind approaching the Quay - wondered which other vessel was at Manly end.)
'Waratah' cl (near inevitable it seems) A set 43, car N5543 Quay to Wynyard
'Waratah' cl A set 50, car T6550 Wynyard to Chatswood
Metro set 4, car 5 Chatswood to Tallawong. 
Photo of the Month / POTM May 2022
Last post by Barry Drive - April 22, 2022, 03:54:16 PM
Voting is already open, but here is the usual introduction:

Photo of the Month rules –

● two* photographs may be submitted by each member, provided they have not been submitted before

  ◦ * This month we are seeking photos of Buses with the same numbers, re-arranged[1]. If you submit two photos meeting this criterion, you may post up to three photos but you may only submit a maximum of 2 photos of the same bus.

● photos must be "owned" by the person submitting it (if not, you must have the permission of the photographer to submit the photo - and identify the photographer)

● photos must be have taken legally - ACT Bus does not encourage or condone trespassing, and we encourage Covid-safe practices

● submitted photographs must prominently feature:

  ◦ public transport infrastructure (such as bus stop, bus station, bus depot, Light Rail line, tram depot) within the ACT / Queanbeyan region (location must be specified)


  ◦ a bus, tram or support vehicle from the ACT or Queanbeyan (taken within the region or a former ACT/Queanbeyan bus) where -
    ▪ the vehicle is in focus
    ▪ the fleet or registration number is identifiable (or supplied by photographer if not visible in photograph)

● photos narrower than 640 pixels will not be accepted

If possible, please supply date or month of photo.

Refer here for full ACT Bus photo submission conditions.

Photos can be submitted by replying to this forum topic and attaching the image; to ensure consistency, photos must be displayed with a width of 640 (or height of 640 if a "portrait" aspect) - photos larger than 640 are required to use the option width=640 or height=640 in the image tag. For example: [img width=640] instead of [img].

To submit photos from Instagram, you must post a reply with a caption and paste the URL of the Instagram image. Photos not publicly visible cannot be submitted. We will not accept unhosted photos - they must be stored on a photo hosting site (such as Instagram, Flickr or Facebook).

Submissions close midnight 26 April, Australian Eastern standard time, unless fewer than 6 photos have been submitted.

Voting will commence on 27 April. Voting will close 1 May.

The winning photo will be loaded to the website and posted to ACT Bus on Facebook and Instagram. The winner and runner(s)-up will also be included in the Photo of the Year vote. By submitting a photo, you are giving permission for it to be loaded onto the ACT Bus Gallery, and Facebook and Instagram pages.

1 - Two photos of buses where the registration number of the first bus can be re-arranged to make the registration number of the second bus, for example any two of 324, 342, 423, 432.
The Playground / Re: What PT did you get today?...
Last post by triumph - April 21, 2022, 10:10:05 PM
Additional information/comment re double deckers
The B1 route to Mona Vale is operated by MAN ND323F units with Gemilang Eco Double Deck bodies.
Rte 610X to Castle Hill (and 607X to Bella Vista) are operated by a mixture of buses, but Bustech CDi bodied Cummins ISL double deckers operate quite a few of the services.
Both double decker types are 3 axle units but the Mona Vale buses have 2 axles at the rear, whereas in contrast the Castle Hill/Bella Vista buses have the 2 axles at the steering end. The mass carried at each end must vary accordingly - and have quite subtle mass distributions involved.
They appear to be particularly suited to limited stops/express services (but note use in ordinary multi stop services in Britain).
If you have the opportunity, try one out.
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