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Old Bus shelter diagrams @

Started by Sir Pompously, October 25, 2012, 04:26:28 PM

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Sir Pompously

Looking through the National Archives last night I noticed they have various diagrams relating to our older bus shelters.

When looking at the item, select enlarge to get a much better look  ;)

Generic bus shelter design for the ACT 1946/47

Proposal Perspective -
Detailed design plans -
More design -
Further design -
Sign Lettering Details -

Mulwala Hostel 1948/49

Design of Shelter -
Detail roof design -
Location -

Stuart Street and Strzelecki Cres, Narrabundah 1950

Site Plan -

Weston Street between Novar St and Mueller St Yarralumla 1950

Site Plan -

Oaks Estate Bus Shelter Hazel Street 1950

Site Plan -

Ried House and O'Connor (Westgarth Street after Tate Street) 1950

Site Plan -

Kingston Giles Street 1955

Detailed shelter design (love the location sign on the shelter!) -

1958 Shelter Design

Detailed Design plan -

Ried Methodist Church Coranderrk Street 1944

Removal of shelter site plan -

Forrest Arthur Circle 1937

New position for bus shelter on Arthur Circle -

Forrest National Cct Shelter 1944

Shelter design and location plan -

Mount Stromlo 1936

School Service shelter design -

Narrabundah Kootara Cres opp "15th" street 1955

Shelter Design Plan -

Design plan with Toilet -

Bus 400

The ACT Heritage Library has a few other plans available to view at the library in Woden including Acton Offices, North Ainslie (including floor plan), site of shelter at the Lodge, shelter for Narrabundah demountable s, among others.