Woden Bus Station

Started by Barry Drive, June 01, 2015, 01:03:25 PM

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Barry Drive

Welcome to the first not quite Photo of the Month.

Given the changes to Woden Bus Station planned for later in the year, we are seeking photos of the area to be demolished and surrounds. Photos can include a bus, but don't have to.

The regular Photo of the Month rules apply with regards to number of photos (2 per user), size of photos (minimum 640 pixels) and photo ownership.

UPDATE: submissions will remain open until there are sufficient photos to enable a vote (min 6).

UPDATE #2: Removed from Photo of the Month. However, any additional photos are welcomed.

Bus 400

Surprisingly enough, here is a photo of Woden taken on Saturday.

Barry Drive

My two contributions:

This is the area to be re-developed. Looking towards the steps to Woden Town Square and the public toilets and café.

Prior to the 1982 changes, this area was occupied by the drivers' mess room.