Push for Commonwealth To assume control of light rail in between Parliament & Qu

Started by Bus967, August 02, 2023, 01:18:58 AM

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After having a read through the article it did have an extremely interesting Sentence " mr Bennett pitched The existing rail line between Kingston and Queanbeyan was standard gauge - The same infrastructure Needed for light rail - While Some maintenance would be needed
The only infrastructure would be stations"

that kinda reminds me of the "Melbourne solution" When they converted the heavy rail to light rail, it does make me wonder if they decide to connect the tram tracks to the train tracks they would obviously need to electrify the sections between Queanbeyan and Canberra And so should there be a separate platform next to the current train tracks or should there be an extra platform just down from where the XPlR currently terminates? (That way the tram and the XPT have their own separate platforms but while the XPLR is waiting the tram can drop of passengers to the train station and continue on to Queanbeyan although it probably might have to be double track or even triple track (tram on the left train in the middle tram on the right in a similar layout to how the current track design is set up)

I'll figure out how to attach photos and examples over the coming hours

Bus 400

Terminating trains are Queanbeyan would require Refuelling & stabling facilities at Queanbeyan for NSW Trainlink. 
Queanbeyan Station Yard is also heritage listed AFAIK. 

You also have to work out how to counteract the height difference between the platforms 

Rather than go to that effort. Much easier to install traffic lights at Crawford St/Uriarra EmRd & divett the 830 to met the 3 trains a day. Increasing the frequency of the 830 as patronage increases. 


Yeah that is true that is true, what about where those buses are currently held as I know there are tracks there and so they could probably refuel it while it's at Canberra station and put it into that little box area for storage overnight it would be safe secure and plus considering that would be trans constantly running about it would also mean that there would be at least some amount of security and interaction between Cmet and Countrylink

yeah you're also right, although honestly it really would be nice if the Rapido 2 went through the train station most times instead of just the six times a day to meet the train services, it wouldn't be missing any stops and it would be handy for those who take the bus to Eden Or kudah Mandara All the other places, that would be extremely handy especially on a rainy day [actually raining] because I remember I had to walk a bunch just to pick up my wallet I left at the train station and it's probably at least a good 50/100 m between the doors of the train station or canopy, and the bus stops, and I think it would be pretty cool to paint them up in a blue and gray [the old round Canberra bus stops and slap the TC logo where the old ACTION logo used to be instead of the glass shelter that almost always seem to be leaking whenever it's wet

Sorry for going off on a tangent