Started by CNG, September 13, 2010, 05:21:41 PM

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I was interested, you know how the drivers would change over at city west driving the down towner bus, did they afterwards change into another bus i.e. a mk1 a do some services in that or go back to the depot.


I was one of several drivers that used to the inner city downtowner service in a leyland national. There used to be 2 buses doing a 10 minute circuit, therefore the frequency used to be 5 minutes. Timing points were University Avenue and Monaro Mall 5 minutes apart. On our bus there were 3 drivers - Driver A (whose shift bus we used) went from 11AM to 11.40AM - Driver B went from 11.40AM to 12.20 Driver C (myself) went from 12.20 to 1PM  - Driver A went from 1PM to 1.40PM - Driver C went from 1.40PM to 2.20PM and Driver A finished off at 3PM and took his bus.