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Started by Buzz Killington, July 28, 2011, 06:12:40 PM

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Buzz Killington

As seen on the ACT Bus Twitter Feed earlier today, ACTION have added a 'Performance Data' page to their website.

Much like many of its services, the data is coming soon.


After no current data since the rebranding to TC, the performance site has been updated to include the current performance data. Unfortunately, they have gotten rid of the previous years' data, which used to be available for some sort of comparison. The figures don't look as flash as last year, which is no doubt why no announcement has been made.

Bus 400

The patronage data is still there from the past, the patronage average is improving after a change of Transport Minister.

I'm waiting for Nightrider/Uber numbers from last year to be released.

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The action performance data site has been updated to incorporate the current financial year.
Interesting to see that the target for patronage has been increased 1.67% on last year from 18.1M to 18.4M (18.2M achieved last year).
Also interesting to see the punctuality target reduced from 80% to 75% (73% achieved last year)

Barry Drive

Quote from: Busfanatic101 on August 10, 2017, 10:12:25 AM
Interesting to see that the target for patronage has been increased 1.67% on last year from 18.1M to 18.4M (18.2M achieved last year).

The patronage target is based on the non-scientific measure of "passenger boardings". It is close to being meaningless since it is not standard and doesn't remain consistent between networks. For example, if there is a bus route which currently provides a single route service between suburb "A" and bus station "B" in the current network, that will count as one boarding. But if that route changes and you now have to change buses to get between A and B, that counts as two boardings. So the bean counters will regard that as being an increase in bus usage, which it isn't.

I haven't got the figures available, but Network 1998 proved this as it caused the number of boardings to dramatically decrease when the 333 was replaced by through-routes which didn't require as much transferring.

Also, if someone lives in a suburb which is served by several bus routes (one of which is a Rapid or Xpresso), they could travel to the City by either catching a feeder route then transferring to a 300 or catch a Rapid/Xpresso without transferring. In both cases, the distance travelled is the same as is the fare, yet whether that counts as 1 or 2 boardings is only due to the time at which they take the bus.

I note that the performance page also shows an average of bus boardings by route type: Rapid, Frequent, Peak and Coverage. While this is a better measure, its result is skewed by the length of each bus route (the longer the route, the more passengers who use it).


The previous performance page ( has been locked. Upon enquiring, I have been redirected to the following data portal. Unfortunately, I can't find route by route patronage data which is what I was looking for and previously on one of the graphs. I will keep looking, but there does seem to be a few interesting datasets there.