Which Bus Stop #1 (Drawing #51) - Due New Years Day

Started by Sylvan Loves Buses, December 12, 2019, 07:27:01 PM

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Sylvan Loves Buses

To not celebrate me reaching 50 drawings, let's keep the theme going with something a little different.

Welcome! How good are you at identifying Bus Stops of Canberra from the skies?

Submit the correct answer and you'll get to contribute to my monthly bus drawing collection and choose which area of Canberra I get to draw next!

The Rules will be visible on this page, I will use screenshots to save space for the following rounds:

  • 1 entry/guess each*. Please do not private message the answer to me, there is no shame for posting an incorrect answer - there will be many other opportunities to contribute. Hints will be posted regularly to aid those who are unsure or to encourage those who recognise the area captured. If no one guesses before the date limit, the round will be cancelled and no one will be selected to contribute for this month's drawing.
Some areas with multiple stops close together will be counted as one stop. The sections of Interchanges/Stations and Termini that have already been drawn will not be included in any future drawing (which should help pinpoint some areas better).
  • In your entry, please state the bus stop number/s (or NXTBUS names), house address, an image from google maps pinpointing the exact location, or if you like, the geographical coordinates of the area captured**. Participating requires your input for the artwork, so please be aware of this when posting. Failing this will result in a strike to my private statistics list. Strikes awarded in the Terminus game carry over.
  • Previous winners are allowed to participate, although the higher your win count, the more I would prefer other users to have a go for the wider range of inspirational variety - this especially goes for if you've won more than 2 times in succession. Users with strike/s will have their entries ignored for a certain number of days after the topic is started and may have a reduced submission time depending on the number of offences.
  • No disputes/controversies over my naming of each location.

If an idea comes to mind before/during the round and/or I have a request from a member of the public for the next drawing, the round will be cancelled before the expiry date.
Instructions will be privately messaged to you soon after you submit the correct answer. It would be preferable if you submitted the details to me in private rather than posting straight to the game thread as the choices available change periodically. I do have limitations in what I can draw, I will notify you to discuss alterations if something is not possible.
The due date is also valid for submitting details and extensions may be granted depending on the situation (most likely due to my availability of travelling to the selected location). If the due date is close, a reminder will be sent to you a few days beforehand, but if nothing is received the round will cancel as normal and you will automatically receive said strike.
As a winner of each round, you also get to choose the next area of Canberra I go to draw next, the choices are listed at the bottom of the detailed message.

*If enough incorrect submissions are made, a second round of submissions will be accepted.
**Please also be aware that your input must be for the location you've correctly submitted.


The area of Canberra will always be revealed when a new round starts. No future drawing will ever include a previously drawn terminus/stop unless the selection is of a separate section that cannot include the previous location in any way. To get an idea of what to expect from the clues for each drawing, they will include:

Clue #1 (<3 days after the start of the round) - Whether the bus stop is currently used by the Rapid/Suburban Transport Canberra network. If it is not, then it is likely used by School runs, Qcity, other tourist/coach services, or not anymore.
Clue #2 (<1 week after "") - The number of stops being included in the area targeted area (even if not depicted) and the first letter of the street name the stop/s is/are located on.
Clue #3 (<10 days after "") - Notable infrastructure at the location (pegs, bunker/sh*t shelters, non-lethal blades, etc)
Clue #4 (<2 weeks after "") - I will reveal the suburb if the round is dragged too long. If the suburb is large such as Kambah, I will identify the section (ie. East) of the suburb.
A distorted photo may also be attached to Clue #3/4.

The link to view the development shots of the previous round will be provided soon after this round commences.

Where in Tuggeranong Valley do you think this is?

Sylvan Loves Buses

This bus stop is in use by the current network.

Sylvan Loves Buses

2 stops are at this location. The street name starts with 'L'.

Also I have decided to alter the entry rule due to inactivity on the forum. For now on you can make 5 entries, but after the first, each that follows can only be submitted after a clue is submitted. This doesn't mean if you wait for all the clues you can have all 5, they must be periodic.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Bus stop sign on both stops, and as depicted only one side has a bench and TGSI's.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Clue #4 has been altered due to the ridiculous nature of the parameters given.

The bus stops are in Kambah


Sylvan Loves Buses

After spending the last 3 days in Hospital there wasn't much else to do other than play cards and draw, so that's what I did. Finally have paper without binding which is nice, and it's slightly thicker too.

Learmonth Drive/Vansittart Cres. with Bus 364 and something random cause I wanted another bus in there but nothing usual. 364 is operating a 71 to Woden as requested and the bus following is in a 71a to Gleneagles.
I've finally got myself logo of which I've been designing the past few months, I'll start using it on my photos soon too.

Toyota Camry

Quote from: Sylvan Loves Buses on January 15, 2020, 06:17:50 AMAfter spending the last 3 days in Hospital there wasn't much else to do other than play cards and draw, so that's what I did.
I am sorry to hear that you were hospitalised; I would like to offer you my thoughts and prayers, and hope that you have recovered from your illness and/or injury.