Drawing #60

Started by Sylvan Loves Buses, September 22, 2020, 08:35:01 PM

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Sylvan Loves Buses

I'm still working on Drawing 59, but I thought I'd get this one started now so I can get it done sooner when I finish the other.

  • This is somewhere in South Canberra,
  • Has the two stops that are depicted,
  • Has benches either side,
  • and is also near a previous drawing.

Sylvan Loves Buses

  • Split between two suburbs
  • Near a school

In fact, as there is obviously no interest in anything on this forum anymore, after this round I will be revealing the locations straight away. If there are buses or anything you'd like to see/challenge me with for any future drawing, post them below each round, and I'll implement them as I see fit.