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Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses - Today at 10:13:48 PM
Quote from: L94UBbusfan on Today at 03:46:58 PMno Renaults have gone yet
Yay, hehe
Fleet / Re: Renaults a go go: the fina...
Last post by Snorzac - Today at 04:33:00 PM
I think if you track back through the last few retirements, there has been numerous with no direct replacement meaning the fleet count is down
Fleet / Re: Renaults a go go: the fina...
Last post by L94UBbusfan - Today at 03:46:58 PM
Despite 6 new buses entering service recently this is yet to result in a Renault being retired. Does this mean we are anticipating L94 retirements in July when some of them hit 20 years? It just seems odd that no Renaults have gone yet, not even 1 or 2.
Fleet / Re: Bus Discussion (2019-)
Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses - Today at 03:19:50 PM
Wow, 10 Iris and 7 Renault running right now, I'm really missing out.
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Last post by Barry Drive - Today at 10:13:01 AM
The information I referred to above was actually from a question on notice which was answered by Chris Steel in July 2023.

QuoteCurrent plans are to stage the necessary works to install 25 chargers initially and 100 chargers eventually at the Tuggeranong Depot to coincide with the completion of the recently announced feeder augmentation works being undertaken by Evo Energy. Transport Canberra is aiming to have 25 chargers installed by mid-2024 and the installation of a total of 100 chargers undertaken as the diesel bus fleet at the Tuggeranong depot is replaced. 

The information about a tender needing to be issued for the installation of additional chargers at Tuggeranong may have come from a PTCBR public meeting, because there is no mention of it on Hansard.

ACT Budget is this week - it might provide some detail as to when this work will be undertaken.

But maybe the plan has been adjusted to wait until Woden Depot is operational before major works commence at Tuggeranong. It would certainly be easier to rip up parts of the depot when there are fewer buses in the way. In the interim, perhaps they can install a few temporary chargers - like they did with the previous trial buses.
Photo of the Month / Re: July 2024 - nominations op...
Last post by Barry Drive - Yesterday at 09:57:09 AM

Tram 003 crossing Sandford Street

Bus 815 entering Westfield Bus Station
Photo of the Month / Re: July 2024 - nominations op...
Last post by Snorzac - June 22, 2024, 03:21:20 PM

BUS800 at Cook shops on an early morning route 32

BUS804 on Forsythe st operating a route 80
Photo of the Month / Re: July 2024 - nominations op...
Last post by 743 - June 22, 2024, 01:58:12 PM

BUS 979 powers past Callam Offices on Easty Street, Phillip on 4 June 2024.

The old and the new - BUS 980 and BUS 982 laying over at Tuggeranong Interchange while BUS 804 readies for departure on 13 June 2024.

Bonus category photo – Scania L94UB off side angle – BUS 330 reaches the top of Wyndham Avenue, Denman Prospect, on 26 April 2024.
Photo of the Month / July 2024 - nominations open
Last post by Barry Drive - June 21, 2024, 04:57:52 PM
Nominations for Photo of the Month now open.

The rules:

● two* photographs may be submitted by each member, provided they have not been submitted before

  ◦ * a third photo may be submitted if it meets the criteria shown here. However you may only submit a maximum of 2 photos of the same bus or of the same location.

● photos must be "owned" by the person submitting it (if not, you must have the permission of the photographer to submit the photo - and identify the photographer)

● photos must be have taken legally - ACT Bus does not encourage or condone trespassing

● submitted photographs must prominently feature:

  ◦ public transport infrastructure (such as bus stop, bus station, bus depot, Light Rail line, tram depot) within the ACT / Queanbeyan region (location must be specified)


  ◦ a bus, tram or support vehicle from the ACT or Queanbeyan (taken within the region or a former ACT/Queanbeyan bus) where -
    ▪ the vehicle is in focus
    ▪ the fleet or registration number is identifiable (or supplied by photographer if not visible in photograph)

● photos narrower than 640 pixels (for landscape aspect) will not be accepted

If possible, please supply date or month of photo.

Refer here for full ACT Bus photo submission conditions.

Photos can be submitted by replying to this forum topic and attaching the image; to ensure consistency, photos must be displayed with a width of 640 (or height of 640 if a "portrait" aspect) - photos larger than 640 are required to use the option width=640 or height=640 in the image tag. For example: [img width=640] instead of [img].

To submit photos from Instagram, you must post a reply with a caption and paste the URL of the Instagram image. Photos not publicly visible cannot be submitted. We will not accept unhosted photos - they must be stored on a photo hosting site (such as Instagram, Flickr or Facebook).

Submissions close midnight 26 June, Australian Eastern standard time unless fewer than 6 photos have been submitted.

Voting will commence on 27 June. Voting will close 30 June/1 July.

The winning photo will be loaded to the website and posted to ACT Bus on Facebook and Instagram. The winner and runner(s)-up will also be included in the Photo of the Year vote. By submitting a photo, you are giving permission for it to be loaded onto the ACT Bus Gallery, and Facebook and Instagram pages.
Fleet / Re: Bus Discussion (2019-)
Last post by L94UBbusfan - June 21, 2024, 04:16:41 PM
That's an interesting observation, because for the last few weeks, I have seen very little to no gas buses in the Belconnen and especially Gungahlin area. Although there seems to be an unusually high amount of MAN diesels around the place.