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General Discussion / Re: Looks like the forum is ba...
Last post by Sylvan Loves Buses - August 03, 2022, 05:38:20 PM
Was out for some time, although it was unlikely I was afraid of missing out on a tour/CTM notification or something. It's good to be back.
The Playground / Re: What PT did you get today?...
Last post by triumph - August 03, 2022, 05:26:46 PM
1st Aug
669 (R3)
713 (R3)

217-499 (904) Both ways. Seat belts equipped and use requested. 1 other passenger on trip towards Airport.
Photo of the Month / Re: August 2022 - open for nom...
Last post by King of Buses - August 03, 2022, 02:33:29 PM

217499 operates a route 904 service along Scherger Dr, Canberra Airport, on the first day of operation for the trial service, 25 July 2022.
General Discussion / Re: Looks like the forum is ba...
Last post by Buzz Killington - August 03, 2022, 01:23:18 PM
Apologies, took a little longer than expected. All good now though :)
News / Re: Budget 2022-23
Last post by Barry Drive - August 03, 2022, 01:01:10 PM
Found this reference:

Quote$2.5 million to support community safety by designing and procuring an improved closed-circuit television (CCTV) solution for buses.

Based on an advanced tender notice, this does appear to be just replacing the CCTV systems on the buses.

While an update is useful, I would have also liked improved CCTV coverage at major bus stops/interchanges to match the light rail stops, as well as Emergency contact points.

CCTV inside buses doesn't help for when you're waiting for one or walking to or from a stop.
News / Budget 2022-23
Last post by Barry Drive - August 02, 2022, 11:00:22 PM
Budget details were posted today at 5pm.

Everything from last year has been re-published but with modified payment dates. The $37.5m for new buses is still listed - although I'm still not sure how leased buses are being shown as capital works. $3.8m this fin year, $21.2m next year,  $12.2m 24-25 year.

Also worth noting the ticket replacement project is now showing most of its outgoings next financial year ($2m this year, $22.5m next fin year) - with an end date of April 2024.

New Works listed are: "Improving safety on public transport" ($2.5m) - this could be new CCTV equipment for buses. (End date June 2024.)

"Supporting the transition to a zero-emissions bus fleet" ($6.225m) - which I assume are depot modifications for bus charging equipment. (End date June 2024)

There doesn't appear to be any allocation for new (purchased) electric buses and completion date for Woden Depot is now showing as June 2025.

More details later.
Infrastructure / Re: Turner Layover
Last post by triumph - August 02, 2022, 02:50:16 PM
Quote from: triumph on July 31, 2022, 06:13:10 PMThe Turner Layover main gates seem to have been open since at least the last weekend.

On Wed (27/7) morning there was a bus (540, I think) parked there. So it is definitely now in use.

Image of bus at Turner Layover, submitted by Snorzac for photo of the month, has meta data date 20th July 20222, so the Layover was open for use by then.
Photo of the Month / Re: August 2022 - open for nom...
Last post by Snorzac - August 01, 2022, 02:48:58 PM

309 by Zac Mathes, on Flickr
BUS 309 is seen at Denman Prospect Shops prior to operating an R10 to the City 

721 by Zac Mathes, on Flickr
BUS 721 is seen at Lanyon Market Place having completed an R5 from the City

336 by Zac Mathes, on Flickr
BUS 336 is seen in the new Turner Layover 
Photo of the Month / POTM August 2022
Last post by Barry Drive - August 01, 2022, 10:26:02 AM
Since there was no Photo of the Month at the regular time, we'll do it now with a shortened time frame.

Usual rules apply: nominations are now open. You may submit three photos but only if all three are of different bus types ("type" includes body: so a CB80, Bustech and Volgren K320 are all considered as different). Otherwise you may submit two.

If there are sufficient photos in 3 days, voting will commence then.
General Discussion / Re: Bus sighting
Last post by triumph - July 31, 2022, 11:57:45 PM
Friday 29th July early afternoon an R3 rarity seen Spence bound in Alpen St - BUS958. The first Renault PR2 I have seen for sure operating an R3. (Had previously seen a long time ago the disappearing rear of a PR2 which appeared to be operating an R3.)