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Started by Bus 400, April 03, 2009, 11:06:07 PM

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Bus 400

Quote from: ACTION
Bus services to the Alexander Maconochie Centre

From Monday 6 April, bus services will be available between the Woden Interchange and the Alexander Maconochie Centre in Symonston.

On weekdays Route 88 will depart Woden Interchange from Platform 4 at 8.26am, 12.40pm and 5.10pm with return services departing AMC at 11.50am, 4.50pm, and 8.05pm.

On weekends and Public Holidays Route 988 will depart Woden Interchange from Platform 4 at 8.40am, 12.25pm and 5.10pm. Return services depart AMC at 11.35am, 4.35pm and 7.35pm.

Bus 400

Saw this bus in the layover area in Woden Interchange this morning.



what type of bus of was it?

Bus 400