Intertown timetable - May 2009

Started by Barry Drive, May 13, 2009, 10:47:18 AM

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Barry Drive

Someone has made a big error with the new Intertown timetable. Quite a few 318 and 319 services are shown as not continuing to Tuggeranong when they do. At first I thought maybe it was an error by Transit Graphics, but the same mistake is on ACTION's website.



It's actually every 318 service, not just some of them

Barry Drive

No. The last one in error is the 318 from Cohen St at 11.23 am. After that, they are all OK.

I suspect what has happened is that in Hastus, there is a field for 'arrive Tuggeranong' and 'depart Tuggeranong' and someone didn't put in entries into 'arrive' for those runs thinking that it wasn't relevant. But the intertown timetable extracted the 'arrive Tuggeranong' data which is why the intertown is in error but the route timetables are OK.

ACTION have now replied to me saying:
QuoteACTION thanks you for pointing out the error in the new time tables.

This error will be rectified on the ACTION website.

BTW, there are a few errors on other timetables, but none this serious.