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So it's been a while since our last collective redesign, so I thought I'd give it another crack. This route design aims to ready the network for the upcoming light rail expansion - ensuring all Tuggeranong and Lanyon Valley routes have a single-seat journey to Woden to avoid multiple changes once the light rail removes the R4 and R5 between Woden and Civic.

The network also focuses on bringing back direct routes - many expressos are re-introduced and rapid routes are cut back to main trunk lines, rather than wasting resources running through suburbs. Rapids may need their frequencies reduced slightly to accommodate (ie from the current 5 per hour to 4 per hour, which saves resources and actually produces a more regular timetable. To retain fast connections, rapid routes will split at the ends to provide single-seat journeys for many outer routes. For example, the R2 will now be split into to - R2 and R12. Combined they will retain a rapid frequency to Kippax, but then split - R2 to head to Dunlop, R12 to Macgregor West.

The network focuses on a number of connected routes - ie bringing back routes through civic rather than terminating two routes. Routes 30, 33, 34, 47 for example now traverse districts not to provide more circuitous routes from point A to point B, but to provide more options along the route with desitnations and connections at both ends.

As always, suggestions and feedback welcome. I believe this network design can be easily accommodated with the current resources - assuming they are able to get back to a full timetable ASAP.

Route map


Route descriptions

Rapid routes

As discussed, some rapid corridors are now split across 2 different routes – this allows rapid routes to continue as local routes through the suburbs – reducing delays and increasing single-seat journeys. Reducing rapid frequencies in outer suburbs provides more equitable routes, focussing rapid services on highly patronaged trunk corridors. This allows more direct routes in the suburbs and greater connectivity outside of the rapids, with many local routes connecting or continuing as these high-frequency rapids.

R1: Gungahlin to City via Northbourne Ave, Flemington Rd – unchanged.

R2/12: Kippax to Fyshwick via current R2 – current R2 but rapid cut back to Kippax. Reduced slightly to 4 services/hr (2/hr R2 + 2/hr R12).
  R2: Dunlop loop to Fyshwick via Macgregor, Kippax then current R2 to Fyshwick – reduces frequency in Macgregor to distribute to other routes but retains single-seat journey on R2. Dunlop now served by more direct R3 via Charnwood.
  R12: Macgregor West loop to Fyshwick (new route) via Holt, Kippax then current R2 to Fyshwick – introduces direct and single-seat journey for parts of Holt and West Macgregor.

R3/13: Charnwood to Brindabella Park / Airport loop via Melba, Florey then current R3 – airport BP loop updated as a loop from City to Brindabella Park, then airport, then return to City. This reduces dead running and layover at the airport precinct. Extends R3 rapid to Melba Copland School and Charnwood shops, reduces frequency in Spence but distributes to other routes. Spence now covered by 42, 43 and 143 providing greater connections and options.
  R3: Fraser West to Brindabella Park / Airport loop via Dunlop, Charnwood, Melba, Florey then current R3 (new route) – Reduces travel time for Dunlop services and introduces direct services to Charnwood shops. (Bus continues to/from Belconnen as 40 after layover).
  R13: Fraser East to Brindabella Park / Airport loop (new route) via Fraser East, Charnwood, Melba, Florey then current R3 – as per R3 but also provides more direct, single-seat route to Fraser East. (Bus continues to/from Belconnen as 43).

R4/14: Lanyon Marketplace to Belconnen current R4 extended to Lanyon Marketplace. Reduced frequency in peak to provide additional expresso services. Increased frequency to 6/hr interpeak (4/hr R4 + 2/hr R14) which aligns with slightly lower frequency on R2 and R5.
  R4: Lanyon Marketplace to Belconnen – returns rapid route to Lanyon by the more direct route via Tuggeranong.
  R14: Lanyon Marketplace to Belconnen via Banks, Conder (new route) – combines R4 and current route 80. Operates 2/hr, with R4 operating at 4/hr to provide 6/hr. Provides single-seat journey for current route 80 to Woden, Civic and Belconnen as per the old 318.

R5/15: Calwell to City – current R5, rapid route cut back to Calwell. Reduced to 4 services/hr (2/hr R5 + 2/hr R15).
  R5: Lanyon Marketplace to City – unchanged.
  R15: Tuggeranong to City via Isabella Plains, Calwell, Theodore then current R5 (new route) – combines R5 and current route 79. Provides single-seat journey for current route 79 to Woden and Civic.

R6: Woden to City via Narrabunda, Griffith, Manuka, Kingston, Barton – unchanged. Reduced slightly to 4 services/hr.

R7/17: Cooleman Ct to City via Weston Creek P&R – creates direct route to City for Kambah West, Rivett, Stirling, Fisher and Waramanga with greater connections to Belconnen at Cooleman Ct.
  R7: Woden to City via Waramanga, Fisher, Rivett, Cooleman Ct then current R7, (new route)  – covers Rivett from current 64 and remainder of 63 route to provide straighter, less circuitous route and direct route to  both City and Woden for much of south Weston Creek.
  R17: Tuggeranong to City via Greenway, Kambah West, Namatjira Dr, Cooleman Ct then current R7 (new route) – combines R7 and current route 70. Connects to Woden via 71 at Barrett St and multiple connections at Cooleman Ct.

R8: Belconnen to Gungahlin via UC Hospital – unchanged.
R9: Belconnen to Watson via Bruce, Dickson – unchanged.
R10: Denman Prospect to City via Weston Creek P&R – unchanged.

R11: Woden to City (limited stop) via Hughes, Deakin, Forrest, Barton, Russell (new route) – Current route 59 but redirected through Deakin, Hughes to provide faster, direct access to Deakin Business Park from Woden, Barton or City. 59 currently has frequencies similar to the R10, so we might as well call it a rapid and aim to improve weekday and weekend frequencies as they are needed. Operates limited stop between Woden and Barton to maintain quick journey time. Operates as 11 (non rapid/limited stop) during nights and weekends.

Regular Routes

18: Gungahlin to Dickson via Harrison, Throsby, Franklin, Mitchell – provides greater connectivity to Harrison School, Franklin shops and R1 at Nullarbor.
19: Bonner loop (anti-clockwise) via Forde, Bonner, Amaroo – unchanged.
20: Bonner loop (clockwise) via Amaroo, Bonner, Forde – unchanged.
21: Harrison Loop (anti-clockwise) via Palmerston, Harrison, Franklin – provides greater connectivity to Harrison School, Franklin shops and R1 at Nullarbor.
22: Harrison Loop (clockwise) via Franklin, Harrison, Palmerston – as per 21.
23: Ngunnawal/Nicholls loop (anti-clockwise) (new route) via Ngunnawal, Casey, Nicholls – provides Nicholls with direct access to Casey Marketplace, more direct/simple route for Ngunnawal including shorter travel time to Gungahlin.
24: Ngunnawal/Nicholls loop (clockwise) (new route) via Nicholls, Casey, Ngunnawal as per 23.
25: Taylor loop (anti-clockwise) via Ngunnawal, Moncrieff, Taylor, Casey – provides more direct/simple route along Mirrabei Rd to Moncrieff and Taylor, provides direct route to Casey (Plimsoll Dr) and reduces multiple routes in close proximity on Horse Park Dr.
26: Taylor loop (clockwise) via Casey, Taylor, Moncrieff, Ngunnawal – as per 25.
27: Gungahlin to Moncrieff loop via Amaroo (new route) – replaces current route 25/26 through Amaroo/Moncrieff. Can be extended into Jacka when required.

30: Belconnen to Dickson (new route) via Belconnen Wy, Kingsford Smith Dr, Melba, Evatt, Giralang, Kaleen – combines current 30 with 40/42 to provide greater connectivity. Provides Melba and Evatt with direct route to Hawker, Kaleen and Dickson shops and alternative routes to City via Dickson or Belconnen. Alternative routes between Kaleen/Giralang to Belconnen now provided by 33 and 34.
32: Belconnen to City – unchanged. Macquarie and Jamison now have a direct route to City on 145 during peak.
33: Gungahlin to Belconnen via Palmerston, Crace, Giralang, UC – current route 23 with reroute through Giralang. Replaces current route 30 through Giralang shops.
34: Gungahlin to Belconnen (new route) via Casey, Nicholls, Gold Creek, Kaleen, UC – provides quicker journey from Gungahlin to Casey and Harcourt Hill and the latter now with a direct route to Casey Marketplace. Replaces route 30 to provide direct route from Kaleen to Belconnen and introduces direct Kaleen to Casey/Gungahlin service. Combines with 25/26 to provide high frequency, direct route between Casey and Gungahlin.
35: Belconnen to Gungahlin (new route) via Evatt, Spence, Casey, Ngunnawal – provides connections from north Belconnen to Casey/Gungahlin and faster, more direct route through Spence and Evatt to Belconnen, UC and UC Hospital. Services to Spence are now provided on Copland and Kingsford Smith Dr to provide faster, more direct services.

40: Fraser West to Belconnen via Charnwood, Kippax, Higgins, Scullin, Page – provides access to Kippax from Scullin, Page and reduces duplication along Southern Cross Dr. (Bus continues as R3 after layover)
43: Fraser East to Belconnen (new route) via Flynn, Melba, Spence, Evatt, McKellar – provides faster and more direct route from Spence and Evatt including link from Spence to UC and UC Hospital. Provides direct access to Charnwood shops from Spence as bus continues as R13.
45: Kippax to Belconnen via Higgins, Hawker, Weetangera – unchanged.
46: Strathnairn to Belconnen via Holt, Kippax, Latham, Florey – combined 903 and 46 will provide Ginninderra with direct route to Belconnen and pick up part of Holt no longer served by current 44.
47: Belconnen to Woden (new route) via Belconnen Markets, Jamison, Whitlam, John Gorton Dr, Wright, Cooleman Ct – current route 47 extended to Woden and re-routed in Belconnen. Provides access to Belconnen Markets and direct access between Belconnen, Molonglo, Weston and Woden. Provides better service to Wright with direct bus to Woden/Belconnen and link to R10 on Cotter Rd. Provides Wright with access to Jamison and Cooleman Ct shops and more direct connection to city via 32 on Redfern St or 145 at Jamison.

50: Watson to City via Downer, Dickson, Lyneham, O'Connor – unchanged
53: Dickson to National Museum via Hackett, Ainslie, Braddon, City, Acton – minor change through Braddon (Doonkuna St) with 54 re-routed via Mort St.
54: Belconnen to Majura Pk loop via Lawson, Kaleen South, Dickson, Ainslie, Braddon, City, Campbell Pk – combines 31 and 54 to provide direct access to Campbell/Majura Parks from inner north. Provides quicker journey to city bus interchange via Mort St but maintains access to Canberra Centre for current route 31.
55: Dickson to Duntroon Loop via Lyneham, O'Connor, Turner, City, Reid, Campbell, Russell – combining 51 and 55 to provide greater connectivity across and through the city.
56: Fyshwick COC to City via Fyshwick, Dairy Rd, Narrabundah, Red Hill, Manuka, Barton – route made more direct through Parkes via Old Parliament House. No longer detours via Kingston and Russell to speed up route, transfers available to R6 and R11 at Manuka and Barton respectively. Extended to Dairy Rd precinct.
57: Woden to ANU Loop (anti-clockwise) via Garran, Hughes, Deakin, Yarralumla, Parliament House, City - route travels as a loop from ANU interchange via Daley Rd then returns via Marcus Clarke St South and City interchange before returning to Woden. Route returns a service to Daley Rd and improves service to Marcus Clarke St South.
58: Woden to ANU Loop (clockwise) via Curtin, Deakin, Parliament House, City – route travels as a loop from City interchange via Marcus Clarke St South then Daley Rd, ANU interchange before returning to Woden.

60: Mawson loop (clockwise) via Canberra Hospital, O'Malley, Isaacs, Farrer, Mawson, Pearce, Chifley – combines routes 60/62 with 62 for greater coverage in a single loop. Lyons, Phillip, Mawson, Pearce and Torrens picked up by routes 67, 72, 73. Quicker route to Chifley, Pearce without Lyons detour.
61: Mawson loop (anti-clockwise) via Chifley, Pearce, Mawson, Farrer, Isaacs, O'Malley, Canberra Hospital as per 60.
64: Woden to Weston Creek loop (clockwise) via Stirling, Chapman, Duffy, Holder (new route)  – now covers Stirling from current 63 and Holder from current 65. Reroute through Duffy to pick up stops from current R7. Bi-directional loop route reduces layover at Weston Creek and provides greater connectivity at Cooleman Ct to Belconnen, City and Tuggeranong. Direct, rapid access between Cooleman Ct and Woden now provided by 47, 64, 65, 67.
65: Woden to Weston Creek loop (anti-clockwise) via Holder, Duffy, Chapman, Stirling as per 64 (new route).
66: Denman Prospect loop to Woden via Coombs, Weston – removes the redundant part after DP to Cooleman Ct via Wright (now picked up by 47). Provides direct access into Denman Prospect and Stromlo Forest Park rather than back-track via shops first. Route will continue into Denman North loop when required.
67: Weston Creek to Woden (new route) via Duffy, Holder, Weston, Cooleman Ct, Lyons – picks up Weston Creek section of current route 66 and Lyons from current 62 but provides direct access to Woden and better connections at Cooleman Ct. Provides access from Lyons to Cooleman Ct.
68: Woden to Fyshwick COC (new route) via Symonston – recommences a route from Woden to Fyshwick and services to Symonston. Connections from Fyshwick COC to Majura Pk, Airport, BP, AMC and Hume on 902.

71: Tuggeranong to Woden via Oxley, Kambah East – Provides quicker journey to Woden for Kambah East and Oxley. Connection to City and Weston Creek with R17 on Barritt St.
72: Tuggeranong to Woden (new route) via Monash, Erindale, Wanniassa, Torrens, Pearce, Phillip – provides more direct route through Wanniassa through separation to multiple routes. Provides direct route between Erindale and Tuggeranong and provides greater connectivity between Woden Valley and Erindale.
73: Tuggeranong to Woden (new route) via Wanniassa, Erindale, Mawson, Phillip – provides additional direct Erindale to Tuggeranong link, provides greater connectivity between Woden Valley and Erindale.
74: Tuggeranong to Woden via Monash, Richardson, Gilmore, Chisholm, Macarthur, Fadden, Erindale, Wanniassa – extension of current 74/75 to provide direct route to Woden for greater connectivity. Multiple connections at Chisholm to City, Barton, Russell, Hume, Fyshwick, Majura, Airport, Brindabella Park.
76: Tuggeranong to Woden via Isabella Plains, Richardson, Chisholm, Macarthur, Gowrie, Erindale, Canberra Hospital – reroute of current 76 to provide quicker trip for Isabella Plains and Richardson. Multiple connections at Chisholm to City, Barton, Russell, Hume, Fyshwick, Majura, Airport, Brindabella Park.
77: Tuggeranong to Woden via Monash, Gowrie, Erindale, Wanniassa – more direct route through Monash to provide quicker journey times.
78: Tuggeranong to Woden via Bonython, Calwell, Richardson, Chisholm, Monash, Erindale, Canberra Hospital – combination of current 76 and 78 – provides direct access to Woden via Monash East. Multiple connections at Chisholm to City, Barton, Russell, Hume, Fyshwick, Majura, Airport, Brindabella Park.
81: Lanyon Marketplace to Woden via Banks, Gordon, Bonython, Tuggeranong, Kambah – current route 81 now extended to Woden (picking up south Kambah from current 71 with direct route to Woden via Drakeford Dr and Tuggeranong Pkwy). Provides single seat journey to Woden for Banks, Gordon and Bonython. Connects with R17 on O'Halloran Cct for direct route to Weston Creek and Civic.

Peak Routes

129: Gungahlin to Fairbairn Pk via Franklin, Harrison, Majura Pk, Airport, Brindabella Pk (new route). Operates 2-3 services during peak only. Connects at Airport and Majura Pk to R3, 168, 902 and 54 respectively to provide connection to Fairbairn from City, Woden and Tuggeranong and inner north. Given the traffic between Majura and Gungahlin every peak, this link is very much needed to connect these busy employment areas with Gungahlin.
133: Gungahlin to Dickson via Palmerston, Crace (new route)– peak route to provide more direct access for Crace and Palmerston, avoiding back tracking to Gungahlin in peak. Connects at Dickson and Swinden St to R1.
143: Charnwood to City via Flynn, Spence, Evatt, Kaleen (new route) – provides direct city route for north Belconnen.
145: Strathnairn to City via Holt, Hawker, Weetangera, Macquarie, Jamison (return of old 717 extended to Strathnairn and direct to Jamison) (new route) – provides expresso service from Ginninderra and South Belconnen to city – including Jamison P&R. Connections to/from Whitlam to city via 47 at Jamison.
147: Woden to Belconnen via Cooleman Ct, UC (new route) – returns direct peak hour access from Woden and Weston to UC, Bruce business area and Belconnen. Operates via Haydon Dr to create greater connectivity for south-Canberra residents to northern business areas. (operates to Belconnen AM, to Woden PM).
149: Belconnen to Woden via Jamison (Bindubi St), Deakin Business Park (new route) – returns modified version of old 749 to provide direct peak hour access from Belconnen to Deakin and Woden. Operates via Deakin to create greater connectivity for Belconnen residents to southern business areas.  (Operates to Woden AM, to Belconnen PM).
157: Farrer to City via Mawson, Phillip, Garran, Hughes (new route) – return of old 720 expresso (slight variation) to provide direct route to city in peak periods.
158: Woden to City via Lyons, Curtin (new route) – return of old 732 expresso but extended to Lyons.
168: Woden to Majura, BP, Airport loop via Fyshwick (new route) – includes connection with 176 on Canberra Ave to provide direct access from Tuggeranong, Lanyon and Woden to these busy employment areas.
174: Lanyon Marketplace to City via Bonython, Calwell, Richardson, Gilmore, Chisholm, Barton, Russell (new route) – route 182 replaced with 174 and 176 to provide more single-seat trips to Barton, Russell, City with 15 min frequency for Chisholm and Lanyon. Connects with 78 at Chisholm, R15 at Calwell and R14/81 at Lanyon.
176: Lanyon Marketplace to City via Isabella Plains, Richardson, Chisholm, Fyshwick, Barton, Russell (new route) – route 182 replaced with 174 and 176 to provide more single-seat trips to Barton, Russell, City and greater connectivity to Majura/BP/Airport. Minor detour with timed connection to 168 on Canberra Ave to Majura/BP/Airport. Also connects with R14/81 at Lanyon.
180: Lanyon Marketplace to City via Banks, Conder, Kambah shops – unchanged
181: Lanyon Marketplace to City via Banks, Gordon, Kambah shops – unchanged

Special Routes

901: Belconnen to Calvary Hospital loop – unchanged
902: Tuggeranong to Majura, BP, Airport loop via Chisholm, Hume, AMC, COC, Fyshwick (new route) – connects to 68, 56 and R2/12 at COC to provide connection to Woden, Narrabundah and Civic/Barton respectively. The new 902 provides a vastly more connected service with a very similar duration to the current 902. Can operate across part of the route as required, skipping Hume/AMC when not required, as per current schedule. This route will only work with timed connections to 68, 56 and R2/12.

Sylvan Loves Buses

I'd have to look into it a bit deeper at a later time, but a few points I can see are:
-I think there should be at least 1 bus on Scollay Street, it is used/useful more than a lot of people think.
-West MacGregor yes, but I don't think it needs to be a rapid.
-I know this too well so many suburbs are hard to work out a good structure for, but I would say a lot of the older Kambah residents would be angry with this lol.
-Theodore/Calwell, Forrest, Latham and Mitchel all getting cucked again, but that's not your fault of course. The times we live in right now aren't great for smart network designers - don't have much to properly go on.
-Acton is missing out again, been seeing a lot of the uni people complaining about this area over the last couple of years.

I won't say much more yet as I have my own network design in the works, so I'll keep my opinions on the very specific areas away from this for the meantime.


Quote from: Sylvan Loves Buses on June 18, 2023, 10:57:44 PMI'd have to look into it a bit deeper at a later time, but a few points I can see are:
-I think there should be at least 1 bus on Scollay Street, it is used/useful more than a lot of people think.
-West MacGregor yes, but I don't think it needs to be a rapid.
-I know this too well so many suburbs are hard to work out a good structure for, but I would say a lot of the older Kambah residents would be angry with this lol.
-Theodore/Calwell, Forrest, Latham and Mitchel all getting cucked again, but that's not your fault of course. The times we live in right now aren't great for smart network designers - don't have much to properly go on.
-Acton is missing out again, been seeing a lot of the uni people complaining about this area over the last couple of years.

I won't say much more yet as I have my own network design in the works, so I'll keep my opinions on the very specific areas away from this for the meantime.

Scollay St is just a 300m walk from the nearest rapid stop, by combining the routes across Anketell, Athllon and Drakeford means each have higher frequency and thus greater attractiveness, especially given the development on either side of the lake at that end.

West MacGregor isn't a rapid, it forms half of a rapid with the R2. The high frequency starts from Kippax when the R2 and R12 join. Both West MacGregor and the existing R2 after Kippax will have buses every half hour inter-peak giving the 15 minute frequency from Kippax to COC.

Not sure what the challenges are for Kambah, this change provides an extra route through the suburb with more destinations and better connections between city-bound and Woden-bound routes.

I think they are all reasonably well serviced. Theodore/Calwell now receives a route direct to Woden and City. The old loop stops at the end of Latham and Theodore serve very few houses for their detours, so I don't see them returning to soon. Forrest is hardly needed and still reasonably well covered by the R11 and tweaks to the 56.

I get your concerns with Acton/ANU campus, so I have adjusted the map and descriptions above to extend the 57 and 58 into an ANU loop. This should provide a decent service back to this area for a relatively small detour. A new stop on Daley Rd closer to the Barry Dr stops would help with a better connection from Belconnen routes.

Thanks for your suggestions. :)

Sylvan Loves Buses

Well I was on my way to bed that evening so I only got to glance a few visual things, but I will find a mo to look at it deeper - I basically did a TLDR the first time lol.
Unlike others on this board (esp as most are drivers or use cars) I primarily rely on buses to get me around and have done so for the last 25+ years using bus networks that gradually get worse each time more than they get better. My better review of your design will be based upon what I've experienced over this time. I tend to look at convenience and reasonable distances (route/walking) over streamlined and logical designs.
Think I'll probably need to read some of your inputs several times before I properly get what's going on, such as the rapid extensions. Gotta remember to only focus on the now because the network I've been doing sort of merges the now with the structure of network '98.

Actually screw it, now's as good as ever.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Okay, I've had a better look and these are a few more things I picked up on. I understand the rapid extension thing now too. I did however didn't read much of the text again sorry, more of a picures guy.

Be mindful I'm a passenger with a disability so when I 'go on' about convenience and stuff, I'm looking at it as "how does this affect me in the long run", "how would this affect people with similar disabilities or the elderly"?. The biggest thing I check with each new network is how much further I'm going to have to walk to places. I doubt the idiots designing our networks now even consider that, that's why I immediately picked up on the Scollay Street thing.
Quite a lot there's bus stops that appear underused and not all that significant, but adjusting the route somewhat to where the new closest bus stop is a pain for others in less-able situations isn't always the best thing. An ironic but somewhat insignificant example is there was a bus stop in Fyshwick that was removed from service back in '08, 20m away was a 'Mobility Matters' store - aka walking frames, mobility scooters, old people stuff. Closest bus stop got moved to 300+ meters away all for the sake of making the route 2 minutes faster. Obviously who in their right mind would go to Fyshwick by bus for this sort of thing, but this is a constant reminder after mum got me to go there for her a couple years back. There's other places I won't mention that are a lot worse than this, but rant over for the moment that's not what I'm here for.

It's understandable that fewer services here and there would prove beneficial to the whole network and oh boy do we need some of that now (and normal weekend running again...), but personally I would think some rapids would still benefit from <5 services per hour at certain times of the day. Especially 7-8am, 12-1pm, 3-5pm between Belconnen and Woden. Working with the lightrail in mind of course would make this a little tricky.

Working from top to bottom:
I've never liked the loop services thing (especially with the weekend odd-number-odd-hour/even-number-even-hour thing yuck), but there are ways like you have done in this that I think look like they could work better than they do now. Gungahlin is quite a mess nowdays especially as it's still expanding, but with the Casey Marketplace being sort of like what Erindale is between Woden and Tuggeranong I would think direct services would be better now. From what I've seen Nicholls needs a Belconnen direct but at the same time is a b*tch of a route to sit on and the 34/35 ideas to me are a good fit. I feel the 27 could use some work however. Crouding in some suburbs is quite apparent in your design, clearing up some areas around Ngunnawal and giving the 27 could be what Gungahlin needs. Although how would I know, I don't live there.

Mitchell like Fyshwick is an area I've always been concerned with. Being an industrial distict everyone just assumes everyone who goes there has a car. The lightrail stops being either end and the north one technically not actually being accessible without the possibility of being bit by a snake is one of the reasons I've always griped about the Mitchell service not running through Mitchell. Sure back in the day there was like 5 routes going through there while Flemmington was being layed but I'm playing the 'convenience' card here. Not your fault of course, this is just one of those parts of Canberra no one realises exists.
Unlike the congestion of other suburbs on this design, I feel the Throsby/Harrison area is a little empty - but again, I don't live there and most people probably just get the lightrail anyway...

Some interesting things going on in the Belconnen area. I like how the 30 double backs around the west - personally I would've tried to find a way for it to run around Emu Bank if it was to go that way. Route 46's extension to Strathnairn I'm all for - I assume that area is still being developped too. What you've done for Route 47 I think is almost exactly what I did aside from Jamison Shops and Wright - good thinking with Jamison, I might steal that xD.

54/55 look too long to me.  I think terminating the 54 at Dickson and having something else for the rest would do. I've always found North Lyneham a wierd one to work out. Anyone know why buses only go around there anti-clockwise? I'd get the 30 to do that bit on its way to Dickson maybe. The 55 is technically a loop when it gets to ADFA so maybe terminate it at Campbell Park like it use to once apon a time.
Don't quite understand the R11 through south Deakin, although you could probably throw the convenience card back at me for that one. I still have issues with Forrest, but then again what's there anyway? Another that's not your fault, just poor designing by them is the 56. Good idea of moving it away from the R6, but it's still a very tediously long route. I like your Route 68, I would personally try to make these fill in Fyshwick a bit more. Or, get the 68 to come into Narrabundah and do the Kootara Cres section instead - people there were really pissed off by the network '08 change.
That's definetely all the 66/67 ever need to do and the 64/65 is one of those loops I could see working, nice idea. I would however do something similar to that instead of the R7 going through Waramanga and all that.
Similar minds think alike I guess, your Southlands idea for 72/73 is very similar to something I did haha.
Route 902 looks awesome as a concept but practically I think all the way to the Airport is a but too far. Hmm... 902 through Fyshwick and 68 to Airport >:D
A little too much congestion I feel for Monash and Richardson. Route 74 drags on a bit, I personally wouldn't like to be on from Gilmore just to have to go through Wanniassa before going to Woden. R15 via Theodore and Calwell is just no. I've ridden that whole section of whatever is doing it now and I wanted to smash my head against the window for 10 straight minutes from how tediously long the route was. Another that's not your fault once again, but that area worked a lot better as two routes like it was before '08. There's lots of roads there that can take buses, but imo the single route thing needs to die lol.

Now that I've seen that a rapid runs down Anketell Street I'm more forgiving about that previous thing. Now for the area I know the most lol, Kambah. A Rapid? To the City sure, but I would at least get it going via Kambah Village. I sometimes imagine Kambah like the inside of Parliament - you give one side a rapid and the other a route that takes longer to get to either of the shopping centres than ever before, there's going to be a lot of shouting lol. I get what you're going for, but imo the 81 doesn't work. From what I've witnessed people need the Village shops off of Vansittart. I should get off my ass and hurry mine up so I can show my Kambah alterations cuz there's a lot that could be done but at the same time leaving it as it's been the past 20 years (minus cooleman sorta) has mostly worked anyway.

I can't say much about the peak services other than many other suburbs could benefit from them too. That's pretty much what my opinions noticed, hope it shone a light for you into areas you may have not thought of before. My opinions only of course, you do you. Hmm yours is actually given me some ideas too.