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Started by Barry Drive, July 01, 2008, 11:27:15 AM

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Barry Drive

So after 4 weeks of the new network, ones thoughts turn to possible improvements / fixes to the network. These are those thoughts:

Weston Creek
Replace 25 & 27 with loop service for the 'inner' suburbs. Anti-clockwise loop from Woden: Hindmarsh Dr (R) McInnes St (L) Hilder St (L) Streeton Dr (L) Namatjira Dr (R) Parkinson St (L) Brierly St (R) Hindmarsh Dr (L) Streeton Dr (L) Fremantle Dr (L) Streeton Dr (L) Namatjira Dr (R) Badimara St continue along current route 27 to Woden Interchange.

Modify route 26 to service Rivett. From Cooleman Court -- Hindmarsh Dr (L) Carbeen St (L) Bangalay Cr (R) Streeton Dr (R) Namatjira Dr (R) Perry Dr (L) Darwinia Tce * (L) Hindmarsh Dr to Chapman terminus. * Alternatively (R) Hindmarsh Dr (L) Wyangala St (L) Burrinjuck Cr to Duffy terminus. * 3rd alternative (R) Hindmarsh Dr (L) Wyangala St (L) Burrinjuck Cr (L) Renmark St (L) Eucumbene Dr to Chapman Terminus -- this will serve Wyangala and Renmark which is not served by modified route 28 below

Modify route 28 to service Holder & Duffy with a single route. Current route 28 to Streeton Dr * (R) Mulley St (L) Blackwood Tce (L) Dixon Dr (R) Burrinjuck Cr (L) Dixon Dr (L) Warragamba Ave (L) Eucumbene Dr (L) Hindmarsh Dr to Cooleman Court terminus. * Alternative route Heysen St (R) Streeton Dr (L) Dixon Dr (L) Mulley St (R) Blackwood Tce

Route 10
Macquarie could be better served by changing the route as follows:

(From Belconnen) Bowman St (R) Redfern St (R) Lachlan St (L) 2nd Bennelong Cr [at shops] (R) Elizabeth Cr (R) Redfern St (L) Templeton St continue current route.

Woden CIT
Woden CIT (Ainsworth St) service could be re-instated by diverting either route 3 or 5 along Kitchener St, Ainsworth St, Hindmarsh Dr before entering Canberra Hospital. My preference would be route 3.

Routes 4, 52 & 59
Route 59 mostly leaves Belconnen Inter at the same time as Route 4 then travels the same way to Mirrabei Dr. Route 59 should be changed to service William Webb Dr in McKellar and 52 can then travel along William Slim Dr. Route 4 should be moved to its own departure bay to prevent conflict with the other Gungahlin routes.

Any comments, thoughts etc.


I wish they would simply make the 4 East and 4 West TWO DIFFERENT numbers.


Quote from: Locki on July 01, 2008, 07:00:16 PM
I wish they would simply make the 4 East and 4 West TWO DIFFERENT numbers.
That would make so much sense. 4E and 4W makes no sense and makes it hard for pasengers to tell which one it is as there is no letters in the desto

Buzz Killington

should be two seperate routes, but its not really a problem unless the driver has a Mk1 with the roller desto.