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Started by Barry Drive, October 27, 2008, 02:34:14 PM

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Buzz Killington

yeah, forgot to include the MANs.

The destos still could use more info, ie:

318 Lanyon Marketplace / via Interchanges / and Gordon
319 Lanyon Marketplace / via Interchanges / Bonython Conder Banks


QuoteThis is so they are the same as the MAN Destos. Also the destos are improving with there finally being destos for Kambah that says:

"Tuggeranong Interchange"
"via Kambah West"

the destro for route 3 has changed as well since monday. this is similar to route 934's destro

"Woden/Belconnen Interchange"
"via Hospitals"

for 56 and 58:
"Belconnen/City Interchange"
"via Palmerston/Harrision"


388's desto yesterday was ""11 calwell/erindale woden interchange"...

Bus 400

Route 67 now has desto "Tuggeranong Interchange/Woden Interchange, Chisholm Shops"

Irisbus Rider

A pat on the back to whoever has written these new destos, good work!

Buzz Killington

How long has route 82 been running? Saw one for the first time today.

Needless to say, it was empty.


First time I saw it was in December

Bus 400

A new desto that I saw today for 729 was:

"Cooleman Court Xpresso" "Duffy Xpresso"


I live in Hume and I don't drive and it is a pain for me to get into Civic.


There's houses in hume?


who would live there? no bus service and just taxis and nothing else

Sir Pompously

There is no housing in Hume itself (And if there is, I have not seen any), however there are a few estates/farms over the border in NSW and also behind Macarthur.

Irisbus Rider

Apparently, a timetable change is happening soon, and drivers are picking new shifts accordingly.

Don't have too much info, hopefully, it will be a more significant change than we've had in the past.
But, considering we will be receiving a constant stream of new buses in the next few weeks, that may indicate there will be a few additional services placed here and there.

I'm sure more information will be shared in the coming days.

Buzz Killington


As far as I know the only shift pick is for holiday shifts.

Redex is still a fair way off