Route 11A for Canberra Airport

Started by King of Buses, March 09, 2017, 11:27:13 AM

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King of Buses

Looks like route 11 is to be extended to the Canberra Airport as of March 20, 2017...

Barry Drive

And so far on social media, feedback includes: no luggage storage, only goes to City, timetable unreliable (seriously), doesn't run often enough.

Yes. Because it's a subsidised bus service, NOT A TAXI!


I think the only valid point is the luggage storage, most other cities have buses with extra luggage storage for their airport services. In saying that its a hell of a lot better than anything currently operating, and will be more than sufficient for most peoples needs, I would have liked it to cater to the early morning flights as well as the evening Singapore Airlines arrival from Wellington however I can see the challenges in timetabling this with the core hours of operation.


"Transport Canberra will make every effort to ensure services are easy access (pram/wheelchair friendly)"

With that and the increase in services/duration, I wonder if we might see some darts come out for this. Or maybe they'll keep 894 and 898 for longer.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Quote from: King of Buses on March 09, 2017, 11:27:13 AMLooks like route 11 is to be extended to the Canberra Airport as of March 20, 2017...

Huh yeah, i just saw that on the TC website - I must say, it's about time... ::)
what is that... 17 years? lol

Barry Drive

Quote from: Busfanatic101 on March 09, 2017, 10:45:11 PM
Or maybe they'll keep 894 and 898 for longer.
I think that's more likely, although they may believe it can be done without increasing the fleet size. While 11A mostly runs during off peak, the last afternoon run arrives at City at 1602 - which is around the peak bus usage time.

So, perhaps one withdrawal will be delayed.

My other concern is for the 7 or so current route 11 runs which are NOT allocated as WCA shifts. Will these shifts be changed? And will they basically use up all the new low floor buses?


Transport Canberra details of new Airport services indicates that the route on weekends will be 11A not a 9** number. That it is no longer differentiated from the weekday route numbers is a big improvement for users.

Is this a first for regular services in the last decade or so? And is it an indication of a trend?

There are many weekend services that follow exactly the weekday route and could usefully be renumbered the same as for weekdays. eg 900 could become 300, 906 could become 15, and so on. However renumbering some 9**s are more difficult due to detail route variations. eg 907 follows route 14 but omits the portion beyond Bingley Cr to the Fraser West terminus. Never-the-less, following the precedent of route 11/11A, it could become 14A. 


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Barry Drive

The new GTFS file shows all Route 11 trips (which include 11A) as being wheelchair accessible. So they will be changing the shifts.

No indication yet whether they'll increase the fleet.