First pictures: MyWay equipment & tickets

Started by Barry Drive, July 07, 2010, 11:37:15 AM

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Barry Drive

Here are some photos of the MyWay equipment as installed on the trial buses:

755 with Wayfarer 200 and Axio reader:

Close up of Axio validator:

101 showing old and new validators:

Wayfarer 200 console:


Looks quite nice...interesting that the little ticket on the validator is orange and green despite the earlier photo we saw with the blue and yellow, yet the design is the same...

Either way It looks good, hopefully they decide on a better place to put the card readers in all the buses but thanks for the photos there!


Thanks - interesting. Driver's unit looks pretty user friendly. Yeah, I wondered if they might switch to the blue and yellow format too.

Sir Pompously

Yes! Thermal paper ticketing, and the smartcard readers look very nice. I can see why they have it in Green and Orange as that is ACTION's colours, not really that the MyWay stuff is that old, however when they introduce it elsewhere (In Government establishments) it would be Blue and Yellow.

Barry Drive

Look what I found: a sample ticket from the new system.


Yes, I know it says $1.90 - they mustn't have updated the ticket prices yet.



Curious feature - having the Shift number on the ticket...

Barry Drive

Shift number is already on the current paper tickets. The driver number is new, but I believe many other operators show it on their tickets.

Bus 400

The wayfarer, axio reader & ticket set up is very similar to TransPerth Smartrider system.

Barry Drive

Quote from: Bus 400 on July 08, 2010, 08:46:38 PM
The wayfarer, axio reader & ticket set up is very similar to TransPerth Smartrider system.
Which was to be expected. But the Perth equipment is older and uses old LCD displays (like the current Wayfarer equipment), but ACTION's equipment has full colour LCD screens (even on the validators) - apart from the card-reader on top of the Wayfarer 200.


that sample ticket reminds me of the tickets isused by