Routes 727 and 5 (north): last day

Started by 743, November 12, 2010, 09:48:15 PM

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Today was the last day that REDEX 727 operated prior to conversion to Red Rapid 200, and the last day that Route 5 operated north of the City. Now that the 5 is Woden to City only, it's another route identical to a weekend service in every way possible...except route number  >:(

These photos were taken on Northbourne Ave, Dickson, opposite the Motor Registry.

I don't know why I thought this would be a great spot for a photo, but I thought it was nice to see the first MAN of this batch on one of the last 727s.

Right behind 390 was 876 on the all stops equivalent 5 showing a desto that won't be seen again! I think having the 5 and 727 so very similar between Kingston and Gungahlin was a bit of a waste, so the curtailment of the 5 is good in that it removes service duplication. Just a pity for those who live between the limited stops I suppose :P

The installation of Red Rapid plinth headers this week provided a unique opportunity to see REDEX and Red Rapid together. I hope this kind of desto is retired with the route's really of no use to the intending passenger unless they know exactly where the bus is going beforehand...but it was OK for this photo!

Irisbus Rider

Great photos! It's always good to see people capturing images that will never be seen again. Thanks for sharing them with us.