Temporary Belconnen Bus Stations: last day

Started by 743, November 14, 2010, 06:58:07 PM

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Here are some photos from today, the last day of operation for Cameron Ave and Lathlain St Bus Stations, Belconnen.

864 arrives at Cameron Ave nearing the end of a 958. Belconnen Interchange still lives in these desto rolls  :)

360 on Cameron Ave on the last day of Intertown branding for Route 900. 344 is behind on a 942.

Each of the platforms at the two temporary Belconnen stations had been reduced to this on the last day. Plinths removed and a few notices stuck to each shelter.

962 heading south on Lathlain St.

892 heading north on Lathlain St.

The new Belconnen Community Bus Station ready for ACTION. That's like the worst pun ever but I still had to say it  :P