City West Part 2

Started by Bus 503, September 12, 2015, 04:55:00 PM

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Bus 503

Sir Pompously

Location wise you seem to be ok; always try and shoot 3/4 sunny (on a bright and sunny day) unless you want to be a little arty or clever. Some are on angles and crooked; looking at others throughout your posts many are high in frame too. Centre your images and ensure you have a straight and steady hand. If you get photos of most of a bus or other object don't bother uploading or posting them unless it is something very interesting or a "scoop" (for example the 1st and 3rd photos); that being said however don't be afraid to point your camera at things (I get the feeling a lot of your photos are sneaky shots); without people taking photos we wouldn't capture the history of what goes on around us. If anyone challenges you taking photos of anything from a public place (provided it is not a military base, ship or aircraft which is covered under the Defence Act) is not illegal. Feel free to check out my Flickr; I take photos with a DSLR, Point and Shoot and iPhone :-)