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Started by Bus 400, April 09, 2009, 10:59:33 PM

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Bus 400

I don't know if anyone else knew. But I just found out that you can access the old forum via http://actbus.bur.st/board/index.php

I thought that bur.st went broke or something & the site shut down & that's why ACT Bus moved? But the http://actbus.bur.st does direct you to this current website.

Had a look through my old posts & some sounded quite stupid. But I'm curious as to which fourm had my pics of Tuggers & Belco Depot back in 2007?

Buzz Killington

Bur.st was unreliable and on course to go broke. We were also unable to expand our site there because we were very close to filling our allocated disk space.

We have left a re-direct page there to ensure that anyone with the old address can find where the site has moved to.

When the forum moved to actbus.net/forum it was a direct copy of actbus.bur.st/forum as of late September 2008. Any posts you made before that date at actbus.bur.st will be found on the actbus.net forum also.

As for why it's still there, i just haven't gotten around to deleting it. The old gallery is still there too.