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Started by Snorzac, June 21, 2009, 08:41:08 AM

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I have found a web archive that I have been able to recover the former Sydney Airport Message Board which was with the same server as the CT forum.
There is a chance that if someone is able to get the web address for it we may be able to recover the forum for show only of course.
So if anyone can remember the address for it that would be awesome.

Bus 400

I may be wrong but I suspect that it was http://www.canberratransport.com (possibly .au at the end)

I know it was different to the old ACT Bus domain. But the website was saved on a computer that died & I knew that most things had been transfered to ACT Bus, so I didn't save the bookmark.


It was ctforum.jconserv.net

Edit: If the web archive is www.archive.org, I've already tried that and no results produced themselves.

Edit upon edit: Results are now coming up - but because the board required login it doesn't display any posts.

Bus 400

I search & came up with the front page for 2007. It is very slow though, the link is at http://web.archive.org/web/20071112100755rn_1/ctforum.jconserv.net/index.php

But I forgot my CT Username & which email account I had back then. So I can't get into anything, would it be possible to tranfer some of it over to the current fourm or not?


Irisbus Rider

Wow, apparently I made 2707 posts! I've only made 2078 on here!

Yeah, it'd be fantastic if we could be able to read the posts, but I do realise that's not happening at this stage.

Bus 400

I only made 158 posts I just wish I could remember my password. 

Irisbus Rider

I tried to log in, and it didn't let me, and I get this text;
"Not in Archive.

No archived versions of the page you requested are available. If the page is still available on the Internet, we will begin archiving it during our next crawl."


I guess you've checked to see if its in Pandora (the National Library's archive of web sites).

Buzz Killington

It wouldn't be in Pandora unless they actually contacted the administrator of that site (who was CanberraTransport) and asked for his permission.

Quote from: TP 3000 on June 21, 2009, 11:39:23 AM
would it be possible to tranfer some of it over to the current fourm or not?



Whilst we're talking about it...what's the deal with 'Your With Friends' what is it, the Today show?


haha... no idea. But I can assure you I was not inebriated when I came up with it.