ACT Bus Gallery: History | Launches 1 September 2009

Started by Buzz Killington, August 23, 2009, 08:06:31 PM

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Buzz Killington

I'm happy to announce that on 1 September 2009, two of our most popular sections will come together with the launch of the History Section of the ACT Bus Gallery.

Featuring, among other things, Timetables, Maps, Brochures and Memorabilia, we hope you will all enjoy this new addition to the site. You're certain to discover something you didn't know!

Sir Pompously and myself are currently uploading as much as we can. Like the rest of the Gallery, submissions are more than welcome - send us an email at

Buzz Killington

Yes, I realise it is August 31, but the new History Gallery is now open! was either this or make you all wait until about 7pm tomorrow.

Enjoy, and any feedback you have is appreciated. Check the History section of the forum for a few threads about a few interesting things i picked up, and feel free to create your own threads there to discuss anything featured in our Gallery in more detail.

Barry Drive

Some great stuff there.

I think that a
is called for.

I've re-scanned the 1979 333 timetable as a JPG, just want to clean it up a bit before I submit it.

Buzz Killington

A second batch of 96 images has been uploaded - much of it is Network 98 but there are bits and pieces everywhere. Look for the 'new' and 'updated' tags.