ACTION Fleet List: New Format

Started by Buzz Killington, September 16, 2009, 09:28:44 PM

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Buzz Killington

We have recently developed a new format for the ACTION Fleet List, which replaces the old 'table' format which was adopted from the ATDB's (now superseded) version.

You can view the Fleet List here.

I'd like to hear thoughts on the new format. I'm happy to tinker with it to make it as good as we can. The fleet list page is really just for a 'quick view' of the fleet, and we've added in plenty of links to the Wiki to encourage visitors and users to visit the Wiki to see the detailed fleet information held there.

Barry Drive

I like the photos, but what I want to see is totals: totals of each bus model per depot and a depot total. Like the old list had - but keep the photos.

By the way, 752 and 754 are no longer training buses. They are just regular fleet buses now.

Buzz Killington

Agreed on the totals. They will return.

Thanks for the advice on 752 and 754, I'll remove that category.