Greens initiate Erindale Master Plan

Started by Buzz Killington, December 09, 2009, 09:09:06 PM

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Buzz Killington

Amanda Bresnan, ACT Greens MLA for Brindabella, successfully moved a motion in the Legislative Assembly today that will see a Master Plan for Erindale be conducted in 2010-11.

"Erindale is a hub for business and community, and is getting bigger every year.  There are some major changes for the centre afoot, and it's important that we develop a first rate plan," Ms Bresnan said.

"Current residents are concerned about what the suburb will look like in the future. They want assurance that growth will be achieved in an orderly and respectful manner."

"I have conducted consultation with local businesses and active groups, and collected constituent responses that have informed the motion I presented today."

The motion calls for the Government to conduct a master planning process for Erindale in conjunction with the Master Plan it is conducting for the Tuggeranong Town Centre.

"I think there are great benefits that can be achieved in doing the two Southside plans together, especially because of the common transport concerns they share."

"Erindale is in line for a park and ride facility and a new bus interchange as part of the 2031 Public Transport Plan, but no one seems to know where in Erindale these facilities will go."

"The Tuggeranong region rarely receives the attention it deserves from governments and planning departments.  My instigation of an Erindale Master Plan is aimed at addressing that for the future," Ms Bresnan said.

Bus 400

The Erindale Master Plan has been released & can be found at

Now even though the Erindale Bus Station was to be implemented by now, there are still plans for another bus closet to Erindale shops.


The new upgraded Erindale Bus Station was opened up sometime between 7:35am and 4:15pm today