Some Flowers

Started by Snorzac, March 31, 2010, 07:58:35 PM

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Here are a few photos I have taken using the macro attachment that came with my camera

Flower Bud in my grandparents garden

The Bud exactly a week later.

Buzz Killington

Those are pretty good ..


Is this a school assignment or project, because they are of excellent quality and Iam very impressed, normally Iam not some one to favour or lean towards photography. Iam an artist yet in the fields of drawing and painting. That is good work. WOW I would pay money for that :pop:


When I brought the camera I found that the wide angle lens that the guy threw in for free screwed into two pieces and the smaller piece was an attachment specially for macro photography, so I experimented a bit and the photos turned out like that.


They look good.

I have one pic of a flower I've taken (canon 10D):


Very good photos there, Stacka. Colours look very true too.