Started by Buzz Killington, November 18, 2009, 12:45:53 PM

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Buzz Killington


It has come to the attention of the Site Staff that a member of this forum have been acting inappropriately in pursuing their interest in Public Transport. That member has been subsequently banned.

ACT Bus is a website that was created for people who share an interest in Transport, to come and read information about Buses in the Canberra region, share their photographs and research history.

For the most part, our members have always respected the policies of ACTION and Deanes whilst pursuing their interests.

We must remember at all times that bus drivers are doing their job.They carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders each time they get behind the wheel of a bus - the wellbeing of every passenger on that vehicle and every other road user. The last thing they need is any form of distraction whatsover from their duties.

Here are some key facts to remember:

- When taking photographs, maintain a safe distance.
- If at any time a driver makes a request of an kind please respect that request.
- DO NOT follow buses in your personal vehicle.
- Excusing any kind of misbehaviour by stating that you are a member of this site or of ATDB is entirely inappropriate. Being an enthusiast does not mean you can do whatever you like.

There have been a number of instances where basic logic has not been utilised, and it is giving the Enthusiast Community a bad name, and sites like this one and Bus Australia will only suffer as a result.

We do not condone any inappropriate actions undertaken by members and we strongly urge that all members respect the boundaries of transport staff, vehicles and locations. All members agreed when registering with this forum to be held solely accountable for their actions.

Any member who is found to be acting inappopriately, or potentially bringing the Enthusiast Community into disrepute, whether breaching the stated board guidelines or not WILL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY.

This Forum, whilst not associated with the Australian Transport Discussion Board, has clear lines of communication with the Administrators of that Site as well as having a place on their moderation team, and any banning here may also result in a banning there.

Any proven instances of any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Buzz Killington


Please note that it is considered inappropriate to request information regarding shifts performed by particular drivers.

This is an invasion of privacy

If drivers wish to divulge their shift information this will be at their own discretion and at no point should this information be solicited on this board. This includes, but is not limited to, requesting the information by posting the request in a thread, contacting drivers via personal message or email or requesting the information from other board members.

Punishment for breaching these guidelines can include, but is not limited to, having posts approved prior to appearing, temporary bans or permanent bans.

Buzz Killington

Forum - Be Respectful!

One expectation we have here is that members behave in a respectful way towards one another.

Whilst differences of opinion will always occur, please do not resort to insulting other members, no matter what side of the debate you are on. If you feel somebody is asking a "stupid" question, just remember they genuinely may not know the answer. If somebody hasn't answered your question - it may be that nobody knows the answer, or those who do have simply not seen your post.

The 'Block' Feature
If there is anybody that you wish to 'Block' on the forum, this is an option. When a member you have blocked makes a post, you will still see a blank post with a link to show that post if you so desire.

To activate this feature, visit the 'Profile' link, select 'Modify Profile' and then "Buddies/Ignore List" and "Edit Ignore List". You can then enter names of users you wish to ignore.

Note that this feature does not prevent users you block by contacting you via private message.

Private Messaging
Much like posts on the board, PM's can be reported if you feel that they are inappopriate.

If you are receiving unwanted messages, please ask the user to stop. If they do not follow your request, report the post and the team can take further action.

Social Networking
ACT Bus has both a Twitter Feed and Facebook Page that exist to promote our site and offers users the option to connect with other members.

Whilst we can control our page and the messages WE post on our Twitter Feed, other aspects of these sites are beyond our control. If you add a member as a 'Friend' and they decline your invitation, please respect that decision. We cannot prevent people from adding you as a Facebook friend - we suggest using the "Block' feature in Facebook to prevent unwanted contact.

If you feel somebody has broken the rules on the forum, use the Report link in the post to alert the Moderation Team who will attend to the matter.