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Started by Buzz Killington, June 16, 2010, 08:59:33 PM

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Buzz Killington

Hey all,

I've switched on a feature that has always existed on this forum, but not used before. The like/dislike feature.

Under a person's avatar, you can click 'Like' or 'Dislike' (much like Facebook.. except we actually have the 'Dislike' option). The 'points' total is added to each time you receive a like, and subtracted from when you are disliked.

I'm interested to hear thoughts on if you think it's worthwhile/fun/whatever


I think it's a good idea when it's positive.

My only reservations would be if 1 or 2 people constantly got dislikes and it is blatantly obvious.

Another scenario might be if a guest comes along, but notices that there is a dislike button. They may be discouraged from saying anything in case everyone "dislikes" it.


can you find out who posted the like or dislike? :)


I'm not sure if that is essential, but it'd be good if it showed you which posts were liked/disliked!

Sir Pompously

I think the information provided in the Like/Dislike function should not be for the user to see, and hence will not be for the user to see.


I take it this was removed?

Buzz Killington